Knowing how to get people to like you at work is a big plus for anybody who wants to move up in the career ladder. Why? That’s because superiors are more likely to promote someone who not only qualifies for the position, but someone who is also well-liked in the company. Call it the likeability factor!

Want to learn how to get people to like you at work and reap your rewards? Follow these steps:

Step # 1: Do Your Work Well.

You might be armed with a boat load of jokes in the office; but if you don’t do your work well, it’s pretty much useless.

Take Larry for example. He cracks everyone at work up with his crazy stories, but he isn’t doing well in the sales department. Not only does he fail to meet his quota every month, he also tends to provide wrong information to the customers. This makes him more of a liability than an asset.

In some cases, not doing your work well means creating trouble for your co-workers (e.g. false computation, careless errors, etc.). And once that happens, no joke is going to keep you from being disliked or worse, fired!

Step # 2: Be Sensitive To Others.

The next step on how to get people to like you at work is by being sensitive to their affairs. I don’t mean you should meddle in their private lives. That’s one thing you should avoid, actually.

What I mean is that you act accordingly to their situation. If you see a co-worker bawling her eyes out in the pantry, don’t go around telling everybody else about it. Don’t make such a big deal out of it either. Just offer her a tissue or a glass of water. Don’t pry (unless the co-worker is a good friend).

Step # 3: Keep On Smiling.

One simple way on how to get people to like you at work is by smiling. This is important especially if you’re new at the office. People tend to shy away from those who seem unfriendly.

For a stranger, a blank expression is almost as good as a “stay away from me” kind of signal. If you want the people at work to like you, then you have to show them just how likeable you really are. And smiling is the first step to doing just that.

However, your smile should not be forced. When you smile but deep inside you have bad feelings towards someone, it would show in your body language and they can actually read it.

What you could do is focus on the positive traits about that person and think about those qualities when you smile to them. That way, your positive thoughts would allow you to create a genuinely likeable smile.

While knowing how to get people to like you at work is helpful, it is by no means a requirement. What’s important is that you do your job well and that you’re happy with yourself.

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