Residual income is the sweetest kind of online income you can get. You do the work once, then sit back and collect checks for months or years into the future. There are thousands of programs available that offer residual deals. You can find them by doing a search.

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of residual income. And why not, I make hundreds of dollars every month on residual programs. And all I do for that money is cash checks. I don’t spend hours writing articles, visiting forums, or sending out emails. I just sit back and wait for checks to arrive in the mail.

So how do I do it? Some months ago, I registered with an online mall that sells Clickbank products. There are many of these programs available. They provided me with a website that I could customize and a number of other nice little perks.

The thing that I liked best about the program is their referral payment plan. I receive 10% of the links on each person that I refer into the program. Now I realize that 10% of one person’s efforts is not going to give me a great return. The real money starts to pour in if you refer lots of people into the program. I currently have almost 300 people in this program. If you do the math, it’s like having 30 people working for me and giving me 100% of the money they earn. In order to be successful with these residual programs, you need to refer a lot of people into the program.

So, how do I get referrals? Advertising. I don’t pay to advertise on other people’s sites. I use my own site. I place small ads in a prominent place on each page of my site. That’s it! It doesn’t cost me anything, but I get people registering with the program every week. And every time someone else registers, I make a little more money.

So do some research and find a few residual programs that you like. Place some effective ads on your site and let them do their work. After a while, you can develop a very nice residual income.

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