How do I forgive myself about my finances so I can start receiving again? From Laurie

Anything you hold energetically inside of you, like not forgiving yourself about past financial debts, will affect you right now and in your future from receiving what you truly deserve.

I remember beating myself up from the debt that I had accumulated and thinking how stupid I was for making this mistake. Then I heard something that was really profound that shifted my thinking....

You are not who were in the past..your past does not reflect who you are today, nor does your past equal your future.

This made me realize that the past debt that I incurred was something that I was thinking and feeling at that time and not who I was in the moment. This allowed me to free up my energy because it gave me a sense of empowerment.

Then I made it a point not to focus on paying down my debt because that would be focusing on LACK which goes into scarcity energy. What I did was focus on CREATING MONEY! Wow, that was amazing and powerful because it allowed me to forgive and let go of the financial burden I was carrying and create a powerful vibration.

Here is exactly what you should do to forgive yourself of past debt to attract more into your life:

1. Release your emotions around your debt (that means if you need to be upset or cry then go ahead!)
2. Tell yourself this "My past DOES NOT equal my future"
3. Focus on ways you can CREATE more money. Start making a list of the infinite possibilities. Trust me when you do this you start to align yourself with a positive vibration which allows the money to come!
4. Set an energetic goal that you will FOCUS mindful energy of releasing any stuck energy that may still be there while increasing your flow of prosperity by an additional 10% each month.

Be creative and have fun! Most of all, tell yourself that you are ready forgive the old you and welcome the new prosperous you. Love who you are no matter what and it will come back to you MULTIPLIED..I guarantee it!

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