Why is it that when winter comes around we all get ready for the dreaded flu season? We have the skin cancer season in the summer. Undoubtedly you have heard of asthma in the fall and… insert your “favorite” disease here… in the spring. What if our bodies were created to withstand all of this and we just lost the key? Well you will find the 5 top ways to make sure that the next seasonal sickness comes around you and your family is protected to the max.

Replace your cooking oil.
You might be thinking, “Are you serious, cooking oil?” Do you know that one of the major reasons for getting sick is not enough oxygen getting to your cells? What is the best stuff to get more oxygen to your cells? Omega 6. You get Omega 3 quite easily through fish, but Omega 6 is much harder to find. Well, except in cooking oils. Your local Co-Op and European markets, especially Russian, will have an oil called sunflower oil or even less common safflower oil. Use this in place of your vegetable oil or maybe even your butter. Try to get the organic stuff if you can afford it. This will be beneficial in many areas of your health. Some preliminary reports even suggest that Omega 6 significantly reduces your risk of cancer. Sunflower oil is also a significant source of Vitamin E.

Add Vitamin C and Calcium
We have all heard of Vitamin C and Calcium. Vitamin C is part of almost all of your body’s functions. It clears out your cells of free radicals that are likely causing damage to your cells. Vitamin C gives a huge boost to your immune system’s germ fighting ability. As if that wasn’t enough, it also promotes healthy blood flow through your veins and capillaries. Calcium is an essential nutrient that gives strength to not only bones but also to your blood. It also helps your nerves to work properly. You can easily supplement these two nutrients, and in fact you should. It can be very easily purchased at any store that has a pharmacy. Naturally you can get your Vitamin C from common citrus fruit like kiwifruit, oranges and lemons, check Wikipedia if you need more examples. Your calcium is easily found in milk and other dairy products.

Echinacea Root
Echinacea is another “miracle” herb that gives a serious boost to your white blood cells. In fact about a dozen trials showed that Echinacea can reduce your chances of getting a cold but up to 50%. That is huge! It works by injecting antimicrobial properties into your immune system. It is commonly found in your Your Rite Aid and Walgreens. It will come in a pill or capsule form, with the Echinacea root ground up then put into the capsules or pills. However, there are also a few unconfirmed claims that say that you can boost it even more by getting the non-ground up root that you can cut off into small slices and suck on that for 5 to 10 minutes. The inside of the root has a unique cooling “taste” or sensation on your tongue. Your local Co-op should have stuff like that. You taking one Echinacea pill a day is more than enough. If you are curious enough add some of that Co-op sliced root when you get some sniffles or other signs of attack on our body.

Vitamin D
Or more commonly known as our skin’s exposure to the sun, does wonders to give strength to many of the internal workings of your body and improve your body’s invader fighting abilities. In fact Vitamin D actually shows a correlation with the level of “killer blood cells” or the white blood cells that are specifically designed for search-and-destroy of any germ that may try to attack your body. Now the point is not to get sunburned but to get the sun rays hitting your skin. Hopefully it’s warm enough outside for you to take your coat off so your arms AND face are exposed to the sun. You should spend at least 30 minutes through-out your day in the sun’s direct rays, your car doesn’t count.

Get Rest
If you feel the sniffles come on, be wise and as best as you can avoid drafts, cold wind and other situations which could make the condition worse. Maybe skip you favorite entertainment thing this night and sleep an extra hour. You may find that the extra hour of sleep is just what your body needed to fight off that bug and you wake up to start your new day feeling rested and healthy rather than with a runny nose, headache and sneezing.

These may seem like very simple things to do. How could they prevent you from getting sick? All I ask is that you give it a three month test and I know that you will forget what sick means for you and your family, as kids are especially positively responsive to these method of treatment. It’s amazing how perfectly God designed this universe.

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