The New Year is fast approaching and it’s truly a great time! It’s a time to “start over”- a clean slate from all the procrastination and the non take-actionnest (a new word I just invented :P ) from the year before.

But this year, it’s really going to be different for all of you reading this article. Let me explain!

This year you are going to take action! Repeat after me: “I’m going to take action, I’m going to take action, I’m going to take action!” (To learn more about taking action visit this site )

Now, with that said, you are going to take action by writing down your goals for 2010! YES you ARE going to write them down and include some explanations as to how you are going to accomplish each single goal (not just “lose weight”). Next, you’re going to place it on your refrigerator! It doesn’t stop there; you are also going to write down some goals for your family, with the family. Because family is important!!

Here are a few examples to help you:


Goal: I want to lose XX lbs and keep it off for the rest of the year.
Explanation: I’m going to get a gym membership and a trainer to help me get started

Goal: I’m going to eat healthier
Explanation: I will eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day.

Goal: I’m going run a marathon by the summer
Explanation: I will register at the Runner Room for their running clinics.


Goal: I’m going to buy XXX rental properties
Explanation: I’ll educate myself and take action on investing to help me get out of the rate race

Goal: I’ll put XXX$ a week into a savings account
Explanation: I’m going to set-up an automatic saving account that’ll transfer my money every week


Goal: Thursday is date night with my partner
Explanation: We are going to keep the “spark” alive” by doing a special activity every week

Goal: Sunday is family day
Explanation: We are going to do a special activity every week

Goal: Call my sibling twice a month to keep a good relationship
Explanation: I’ll put a reminder in my phone so I don’t forget

These are just a few examples to get the ball rolling…

To help you even more, here were my goals for 2009 (I don’t want to give you my goals for this year because it’s personal. Just as yours should be, you don’t need to share them with anybody beside yourself and your family, since you’re doing a part with them)

1- Write a book
2- Create a website to sale my book and help others find success
3- Buy 4 rental properties
4- Create affiliate Web sites
5- Spend some quality time with my family on Sundays

Side note: This year, I only bought 3 properties, one being a new house I live in, and I didn’t create any affiliated Web sites. Even if I didn’t accomplish everything on my list, I still realized some accomplishments. And I'm better off than if I didn’t do anything!

Again, I strongly urge you to sit down and take the time to write all of your goals for 2010!

Cheers to Your Good Life!

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Marc-Andre Terriault, who is part of the Y generation is known for asking tough questions in order to find the answers for success in life. He has a college degree in Business Administration and has also spent lots of time and money educating himself in the real world.

As a real estate investor, Marc-Andre has discovered six secrets that anyone can follow in order to find success in their lives, whatever their definition of success may be. That’s one of the biggest reasons why he wrote his e-book titled “It Starts Here: Discover How You Can Find Success in Your Life.” He wants to make sure that he reaches as many people as he can in order to help them find what he calls their “road map to success.”

He loves to learn the accomplishments of successful people and educate others about how they too can obtain the same success