Driving traffic to your website and increasing the sales of your information or digital products is every Internet marketer's goal, and there are numerous ways to do just that. The best way to increase your sales is to create relationships with other Internet entrepreneurs. The two best ways to accomplish this is to create joint venture (JV) partnerships and recruit affiliates. In this article we'll briefly focus our attention on attracting qualified JV partners and one great place to find them.

Find Joint Venture Partners on ClickBank

One of the fastest and easiest ways to find qualified joint venture partners has to be utilizing the power of ClickBank (CB). You can visit CB by going to ClickBank.com. CB is an affiliate networking website where digital product owners can list their products. The idea is to get as many joint venture partners promoting your product. The better the product converts into sales, the higher up the ladder CB will list your product, making it easier for affiliates and potential JV partners to find you.

CB handles everything so you don't have to. They take care of credit card processing, paying out commissions to partners, paying product owners and handling refunds. All your joint venture partners have to do is promote your products and cash their checks. Can you say "cha-ching!"

How Do You Use CB to Find Joint Venture Partners?

When at CB, click on 'marketplace' and search for products within your niche. A good idea would be to search for related products that are not directly competing with your product. When searching for products you'll want to identify the category that relates to what you are promoting like business to business, money and employment or society and culture. There are also sub-categories for better targeting.

After you've found the related products, look for high converting ones that are currently selling well. You can also do product research to see what's hot in the marketplace. Once you find a related product you like, contact the product owner for a potential JV partnership.

TIP: When contacting potential joint venture partners, always remember to start a relationship with them first. Never ask them to promote your product for you without starting a relationship. Your potential JV partner must get to know, like and trust you before they'll send your product offer to their customers. They must know that you will follow up on your word and deliver. Their reputation is on the line!

WARNING: Your potential joint venture partner's time is valuable to them. Don't waist it!

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Judah Swagerty is an online marketing and entrepreneur success coach who has dedicated his life to helping individuals and small business owners start and grow a profitable online business. Please visit http://eBizSuccessU.com for more information, free tools and resources.