Any employer or employee would prefer to enter into a long term relationship as far as careers or job positions are concerned. Parents will try to know all it takes on how to find a nanny that can put an end to all future nanny searches. Mainly because the tediousness of going through nanny searches, background checking and conducting interviews can at times prove to be stressful.

One common drawback in employer-employee relationships is when there are no defined duties and responsibilities as well as clear rules and regulations set forth, regarding the position applied for. Conflict and discontentment can be avoided if all these are embodied in a written working agreement or contract which both parties should agree to.

How to find a nanny for a long term relationship could probably be achieved if the nanny to be hired will agree to be bound by a contract. It will detail the tasks she is expected to do in exchange for the stipulated salary rate, as well as the rules and privileges she must observe and be entitled to.

The following suggestions best describe what the work agreement or contract should contain in detail:

1. The number of hours and the specific days in a week that the nanny is expected to work; if the nanny will be living-in, it should clearly specify at what terms the parties will treat the live in meals and lodging, as well as the nanny’s official hour of retirement.

2. A statement indicating the basic remuneration or salary rate due to the nanny should be included. This will also indicate the scheduled dates of payment. Other requirements may include:

- Overtime policy and policies on paid holidays and paid vacation leaves;
- Rules about advances against salaries;
- Pay Review for salary increase evaluations whether semi-annually or annually.
- IRS requirement regarding taxes imposed on regularly employed caregivers. This includes the preparation of IRS W-4 for nanny’s signed declaration of dependents.

3. There should also be clear provisions about the nanny’s sick leaves and vacation leaves and the related restrictions or limitations to it. Most employers would require their nanny to take their vacation breaks, on dates that will coincide with the parent-employer’s own vacation leaves.

4. The inclusion of a worker’s compensation coverage in case the nanny suffers from injury sustained while performing her nanny jobs. It should be clear whether it will be partly subsidized by the employer or will be provided as benefits. You should also know how to find a nanny who is less prone to accidents since such incidences can be traumatic for the children.

5. The “Duties and Responsibilities” of the nanny which will contain in detail the scope and nature of the work involved in providing child care services. This should specify the daily activities in details or in a general description, regarding the name/s and the age/s of the children to be cared for. Other tasks may include the following:

- The extent of housekeeping chores;
- The child’s extra-curricular activities outside of the home which may also require the nanny’s driving services.
- The family’s extra-curricular activities such as parties and celebrations that may entail performance of additional work by the nanny;

6. Other Guidelines in the performance of the nanny’s duties and responsibilities should be determined if you want know how to find a nanny who qualifies for the position.

- Observance of work schedules or time frames;
-The child’s/children’s special need pertaining to allergies, medicines, therapies and the likes, personalities, and preferences;
-The petty cash fund;
-Implementation of house rules and the extent of discipline the nanny will be allowed to apply. You should also know how to find a nanny with effective child rearing skills in order for this aspect to work out.

7.The nannies decorum, personal grooming habits, use of household utilities and entertainment of friends and relatives;

How to find a nanny for a long term relationship may seem difficult at first, but will prove to be less tiresome since it eliminates the possibilities of going through the re-hiring process over and over again.

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