With the competitiveness of online business, driving traffic to your website now becomes a life or death matter. Some people may opt to pay for search engines to expose their site, if you do it is good if you can do it properly. Otherwise, they may be costly. Many inexperienced new online advertisers go broke because of that. While putting your ads on some search engines are expensive and time consuming, you can get free traffic by writing some good articles about your site, the products which you sale and have other webmasters reprint your article. Be careful, your article has to be unique and honest, and your products should perform as you said or better. Otherwise, it may produce opposite effects.
Remember if you have written 10 articles and submitted them to 180 article directories with 20 viewer a day for each directories, here is the numbers of visitor your site has in a year
Total real visitors in a year 13,140,000= 10x365x180x20
Everyday your site has been visited by 36,000 visitors

1. Submit to article directories
There are many reputable article sites which will publish your article free. You should consider some with high ranking article submitter sites, because it helps to:
a) Increase your site worthiness
b) Increase your site ranking and boost your Alexa ranking.
c) Increase traffic to your site. Most article published on these sites will be reprinted by other webmasters with your name and link intact.
d) Add more one way link to your website.
e) Spread your web links throughout the internet and generate even more traffic, back link, and page rank.

2. Submit as many article directories as possible
In this way, your site will get free links to many other article sites. Since each article directory has it's own audiences, your site will gain a lot more traffic if you submit your article only to some sites.

3. Link to your website
Never put your links in the article, because most people think links in the web page are some kind of advertisement. You should make your link embedded into some keyword in your resource box or at the end of the article. It is always effective to make people clicking it.

4. Make yourself outstanding
Always allow your clients to vote for your services or products which you provide. In this way your client will gain confidence to deal with you because of all those good comments from other people who have bought your services or products. Remember, it takes more than 5 good comments to make even for one bad comment. So be honest to your client, it is the best way to do it. If your products or your services are good, your clients will come back.

5. Refund and support
There are always some refunds if you are selling services or products online. Remember to refund your client's money quickly to gain your reputability even with an unreasonable reason. In this way, you can gain some of your clients' confidence to deal with you. If you receive questions from your clients, you should write to them as soon as possible to gain credibility.

6. Use auto submitter
In this way, you can save time and have your article exposed to hundreds of thousands of article directories with one click of the mouse. Remember, article submitting to hundreds of directories by hand is time consuming.

7. Choose the good auto article submitter and have at least 8 weeks refund guaranteed
There are many auto article submitters around, but only a few are good. You should consider only ones with constant updates, having at least 150 article directories with at least 8 weeks refund guarantee.

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