How to Double Your Memory Permanently

Is Intelligence the other side of the coin of Working Memory? When kids
and adults have poor working memory, are they automatically stupid?

What’s “working memory”?

Is it’s your brain’s ability to hold information and manipulate it mentally?
Some examples please: how can we understand the idea in a sentence unless
we remember the first half and combine it with the last half?

What is the 5th letter of the English alphabet? You can hear (subvocalization) them in your mind and count them simultaneously. A-B-C-D-E and convert it to a number – 1-2-3-4-5.

Aren’t you holding information and manipulating it in your cerebral cortex?
If you have a poor, weak, untrained Working Memory – goodbye to learning, including answering baby-easy questions like – what is the 5th letter of the alphabet?

Durham University, England (U.K.)

Dr. Tracy Alloway, lead author tracked over 3 thousand students and discovered
ten (10%) percent from ages 6 to 12 experience lousy and ineffective working
memory. So what? It stunts their learning: reading, writing (typing), science and math. What’s left – recess?

In England, they figure 500,000 kids cannot learn because of defective working memory and not low intelligence. If you can retrain their memory you turn dropouts into engineers, computer scientists, lawyers or just happy, productive citizens.

Key point: working memory is not genetic and can be trained and improved.

Change their self-image from under-achievers in school and you change their careers for life.


Three minor changes in classroom teaching can improve weak working memory
( smaller storage capacity) up to 49%.

1. Repetition is the Mother of learning and working memory.
Repeat instructions three (3) times.
2. Intentional speak in short, simples sentences.
3. Use small Chunks of information in each sentence. Do not
combine ideas, separate them.
The Alphabet Backwards

Every time you exercise your brain there are firings of neurons and strengthening
of neural networks. “The neurons that Fire together, wire together”, D.O. Hebb.

Help me out: The last three letters of the English alphabet are ZYX (backwards).
Next remember the abbreviation for West Virginia – WV and add to that the initials
for Utah (UT).

Read this silly sentence three (3) times and reduce it to an Acronym (first letters of each word). “Some Reporters Quickly Pee ON MLK (milk) JIHG (jig)” FED CBA.
Stop: FED is Fed Ex and CBA is Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Check it: ZYX-WV-UT-S-R-Q-P-ON-MLK-JIHG-FED-CBA. You got the 26 letters
of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. So what? You just exercised your
Working-Memory and increased its storage capacity. The Roman (Latin) alphabet rules.

Linking Verbs For Long Term Memory

According to Mark Twain and neuroscientists, the brain (hippocampus memory storage) hates remembering numbers. Numbers are abstract, not concrete and hard to associate with other knowledge.

The secret is to convert numbers into creative imagery – specifically Verbs. Our memory codes new ideas in Pictures and recalls best in Associations.

Promise: if you take ten minutes to learn to convert numbers 1-10 to PEG words, you will have a Magic Bullet to double your long-term memory – permanently.
It is a game and fun – B. Franklin said (again and again) “When you FINISH changing – you’re finished!”

Learn and you trigger and change your inquiring mind.

Verb Conversion

1. One is Running
2. Two is Throwing
3. Three is Peeing
4. Four is Scoring
5. Five is Fighting
6. Six is Striking (hitting or on-strike)
7. Seven is Sleeping
8. Eight is Mating
9. Nine is a big, fat Swine.
10. Ten is a Hen.
0. Zero is a Hero.


On March 1, 2010 Exxon stock sells on the New York Stock Exchange for
$65.30 at 1:12PM. The number 65 is tough for civilians to recall from long term
memory storage. Use your imagination – mentally visualize the double XX for Exxon.

Now see folks marching ‘on-strike’ (Six) at an Exxon station and a fight (Seven) breaks out with flying bricks and the cops. You will remember the scene permanently because it is active and has only two verbs – strike and fight.

See, the PEG Words never change. Six is always Striking (someone) or On-Strike. Remember the picture of a striker taking her poster and Striking the boss over the head with it. Five is eternally the verb – fighting, fight or fought (pick one).

The 30 cents requires your imagination to visualize ‘a peeing hero’.

What was the price of Exxon at 1:12PM? See it now in your imagination - $65.30.

For Inquiring Minds Only:

Twenty (20) is Virginia (the state). Thirty (30) is Trio. Forty (40) is Quartet.
Fifty (50) is Quintet. Sixty (60) is Sexy. Seventy (70) is September.
Eighty (80) is October. Ninety (90) is November. One hundred (100) is Century.

For Brilliant Stars only: how else can you remember (Peg Words) $65 for Exxon?

Sixty (60) is Sexy and five (5) is Fighting. Imagine - women fighting in the ring.
Repeat three times (3x) as you see a creative image of a Sexy Fight at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Sexy-Fighting is $65.

What if the price tanks to thirty-nine ($39)? Thirty is Trio and nine (9) is a Swine.
Mentally visualize a Threesome (trio) of huge Swine (pigs). The Peg Words are
very visual and easy to recall - $39 is a trio of swine now and forever.


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