Child discipline is very important for you to create a happy and healthy family at home. However, a lot of parents did not know what child discipline is all about and often times misunderstood it for punishment.

So, what are the difference between child discipline and punishment?

Here is a brief overview of what child discipline is.

Discipline requires patience, love, thought and passion.
It takes time for parents to learn about discipline. All these are part of the parenting challenges. Always keep in mind not to associate discipline with blame and punishment. Try to be patient and cool when your child misbehaves.

Discipline Is About Teaching.

You need to teach your child about this, and also yourself. Your child did not come into this world knowing what a proper and acceptable behavior is. For them to learn about this, you need to teach, teach and teach. Repeat it if you need so. Repetition is learning, they say.

Discipline is About Talking to Your Child

Always, always communicate with your child. When your child misbehaves, talk to him or her about it. You can help them to identify what they have done wrong and how they can correct it.
So, what is punishment?

Punishment is very often misunderstood by parents, and used wrongly in most homes. In involves parents screaming, spanking, hitting, complaining, blaming and ranting just to make sure the child follow their orders. This is certainly not right.

These techniques, however will be temporary workable. However, it is not a good technique that you should stick with in a long run.
It requires time and patience for you to teach your child about discipline. Try to seek help from other parents if you are still not comfortable with teaching your child about discipline.

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Jamie Sullivan is a mother of 3 children aged between 4-16 years old and an author of "Child Anger Revealed - Your Ultimate Guide To Deal With Them Effectively" at