Even if you let your dog sleep with you in your bed, he’s also going to need a place of his own for dog napping and privacy. There is a large variety of pet beds available in terms of size, shape, usage, style, and function. You’re sure to find just the right solution for your dog bed needs.

Let’s start with our best friends who have a little bit of age on them. They make orthopedic dog beds for our elderly pets. Orthopedic dog beds are a good choice for dogs with arthritis, joint problems, and hip dysplasia or for those who are a little older because they are made with thicker egg-create orthopedic foam for more cushion and shock absorption.

For the ultimate pampered pooch, there is a line of furniture shaped like chaise lounge chairs with decorator fabric upholstering. There are also loungers made for larger dogs that allow them to stretch out fully while they sleep.

Pet Cubes are good items for the pet who wants a cozy covered place to chill out. After all, it’s a natural animal instinct to want to huddle down for some privacy. A pet cube provides the enclosed privacy that your pet wants.

Pillow beds come in round or rectangle shape and are filled with material that is spring-wound to make them bouncy and maintain their fullness. These are good for pets who like to curl up and lie on top of a pillow and feel claustrophobic in a pet bed that has sidewalls. Many of them come in water-resistant or shed-resistant fabric and most have zip-off covers. They also make pillow beds for either indoor or outdoor use.

Dogs love to jump up on your couch, right? There are sofa pet beds that your dog will enjoy calling his very own so that he no longer keeps jumping up on yours. It actually looks like a miniature sofa and they often come with removable machine washable covers and/or shed-resistant material. There are also loveseats for dogs that include squeaky toys inside the bolster pillows. These dog beds generally come with puncture-resistant fabric covers over foam.

Cave beds are popular with small dogs because it allows them to cuddle up while covered up, making them feel secure while they sleep. These are for dogs that aren’t claustrophobic and have higher sidewalls in them so that your dog can snuggle down inside it.

Waterproof or water-resistant beds are good for those dogs that may have urinary problems or sometimes are incontinent. These pet beds are filled with cedar chips to keep them fresh and have machine-washable covers. Another use for a water-resistant pet bed is for those times when you use an outdoor dog bed at the pool or when camping. These beds can be round, rectangle, or oval.

Sometimes the dog bed that you choose is determined by size availability in your home. There are corner beds that fit into an area of your home behind a chair or in your bedroom so that they aren’t obtrusive. An added benefit is that your dog will like having his own privacy, sort of hiding in the corner in his corner bed.

For those of you that crate-train your dogs, you can choose crates in a variety of materials and sizes and you’ll want to put a good dog pillow or blanket inside for the comfort of your pet.

Relatively new to the market are what they call cool beds that have a core inside of them that filters water through the bed to keep it cool. This would be a good choice for outdoor dogs or those in hot or humid areas that need some cooling to keep them comfortable.

Now that you know some of your options, enjoy picking out the perfect dog bed for your best friend.

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