Let me start off by saying that there are just a few simple things that an MLM company needs to be a killer opportunity and I am going to lay them out in this article. The first thing I would like to say before getting into that though is that MLM is still the way to go.

We have all seen the ads out there that say "I quit MLM and now I make a million dollars a seond" or "sorry MLM GPT is the future" What a load of crap! I am here to tell you that MLM actually is the best way to create residual walk away income. MLM works better today than it did 30 years ago simply because we have the capability of connecting with unlimited numbers of people worldwilde via the internet!

Also, a lot of people say that your company does not matter. I disagree. Your company does matter and I will show you why. Most MLM companies sell some sort of nutritional product as we all know. Let me ask you a question. Would people really be buying those products every month if they were not involved in the business opportunity? Of course not!

Another reason your company does matter is the fact that most MLMs sell products that simply do not hold up in a recession. I am not sure if you have been paying attention but we are in one of the worst economic downturns in history! So, your company's product needs to be recession proof! Below I am going to list the things a good MLM company needs in this day and age.

1: A product with an untapped wide open market
2: To be based off of powerful, current trends
3: A killer retention rate (or residual income fails)
4: Low start up cost (or growth dies)
5: A ridiculous compensation plan that rewards everyone for the right activities (so you can make bank!)

How many companies do you know of that meet all of the qualifications above? Not very many right? Most MLM companies have a company wide retention rate of around 15%. It's like trying to fill a bucket full of holes with water. As I said, most companies sell some kind of nutritional product that people would not be paying the high price for if they were not involved in the MLM opportunity.

Most MLM companies also cost quite a bit to get started in and only pay out 25 to 50 percent. For these very reasons, I have said no to most of the MLM business opportunities I have been presented with because I don't want to try and build something that is just going to fall apart and neither do you! There are a few companies out there that meet all of the qualifications above but you better do some in depth research.

If you will follow the guidelines above you will see more of your team members sticking around and you will earn tons more from the same amount of work. So, will you head for a breakthrough or a breakdown? The choice is totally and completely up to you. I suggest you take my advice and do your due dilligence when looking to join an MLM company. Proper MLM evaluation could mean the difference between success and failure!

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Matt Hefner wrote this MLM Business article to help people understand the importance of proper MLM company evaluation. Matt Hefner is a master at helping people to build successful MLM businesses online. Be sure and visit Matt Hefner's MLM Marketing Training website to get free tips and training that will explode your business.