How do you separate the good from the bad? There are a few that are just scams no matter how you decorate their appearance. There are many more that have good intentions, however for one reason or another, do not have good track records. Below are some helpful tips for you during your decision process.

1. Is there a need for the product or service the company is offering? Many times the product/service does not fill the need of the majority, especially at a fair price. You are looking for a product and/or service that provides value to a non-saturated market. If there is no product or service, you are looking at a Ponzi scheme- stay away.

2. How long has the company been in business? 90%of all businesses fail within the first 2 years so look at the track record of the company that you are considering. You are looking for a company that will continue to reward you for your efforts for many years into the future if you are going to invest your time and effort for them.

3. How well capitalized is the company that you are considering? Most importantly is the company solid? In today’s business world, this seems like something that doesn’t even need to be brought to the forefront however many overlook this detail before investing. The company should have a solid foundation for growth and be cash rich.

4. Does your sponsor have your interest at heart? This can make or break your experience. Your sponsor needs to be your mentor during the process, not someone you only talk with during the sign up period.

5. Is there a marketing system in place to support the program? Look for a simple to learn, turn-key marketing system that has been successfully duplicated time and time again. This system should always be undergoing development for improvement.

6. How quickly will you generate income? You are looking to recoup your investment and develop cash flow for future expansion and development.

7. Can you conduct the business part-time and generate full-time income? You are looking to have many of the functions automated so that you can become more efficient. Work smarter, not harder.

8. Is this something that you are going to enjoy? If you do not believe in the product/service which you will be marketing, how can you have fun? While many jobs do not take this into consideration, remember you are your own boss and must motivate yourself on a daily basis. If you find something that you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Ann Shipley is the Co-Founder and President of Dreams2Wealth Enterprises, LLC. Ann left corporate America as a Sales Executive to pursue helping others obtain the necessary knowledge and opportunities to take control of their financial independence.

As a single mother of two boys, the idea of working from home appealed to Ann. Establishing Dreams2Wealth Enterprises was the perfect solution. A direct sales network marketing business opportunity allows Ann to work from home and still be available for her children. Family is important to Ann.

As an entrepreneur, Shipley is looking to help others establish their financial independence through the same means she has accomplished. Shipley's company provides individuals with the necessary educational products and guidance to regain control of their finances. As confidence builds within each client, their ability to create wealth opportunities for themselves is enhanced.