With the Internet world growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis, more and more people are spending hours each day on line. You can now search for an abundance of information on just about any topic on the internet, and purchase everything from computer software to your groceries. In fact, on line businesses, when well marketed, are fast growing and very profitable. Many people are looking to get their piece of the pie. Internet Marketing is in high demand, especially in one particular niche that many people over look.

There is a virtually untapped income opportunity just waiting for internet marketers. If you are looking to make some extra cash, you might be surprised to find out that the plain old fashioned local (small and medium sized) brick and mortar stores are in need of internet marketing services. In fact, some would say they are in desperate need. It has been shown over and over again that the small local business can benefit tremendously when they advertise their business on the Internet. For most small business owners this is easier said than done.

The problems that off line businesses have are that more often than not, they do not know much if anything about on line marketing or even where to begin. Therefore, they either miss out on this money making opportunity or they have to hire someone to help them. This is where the internet marketer comes in. Internet marketers can greatly help the small business owner. As an internet marketer, you can work to help brick and mortar business owners advertise for new customers on the internet.There are of course a variety of ways to help bring new customers to local off line businesses. Some very simple ideas include, listing the business on yellow page sites, posting coupons for the business at coupon sites and advertise them on Google Local.

However, one of the most profitable ways to promote a local off line business is to create a website with a blog. Blogging is the up and coming way to advertise, and Internet Marketers are fast working to set up such Internet sites. Blogs have great promise for the local business owner. Having a blog promoting your business that provides relevant information can reap some promising outcomes.

Finally, setting up an on-line mailing list to your customers can be very advantageous. Customers can be updated on new blog postings, upcoming sales and new products. Emailing customers also can cut costs if the business owner had previously mailed out information to customers.

In conclusion, if you are an internet marketer and currently looking for additional income opportunities, you truly should consider hitting up the local businesses where you live. Many of them probably don't even know that they could benefit from your services.

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Hiro Kaneko is a 15 year 'Corporate Burnout' who quietly snuck out the back door... and replaced his 70 hour grind with a 20 hour work week.

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