When someone tells you: "you need to set goals in your life" , you probably cringe and feel like it's just a motivational phrase. However, the best way to achieve success in your life IS to set attainable goals for yourself. "I'm going to work out 4 times this week instead of 3....", "I'll put in a few more hours to get this project finished early....", "I'll pay a little extra each month and get it paid off faster..." are all small examples of how you set goals in your personal and professional lives and a lot of the time don't really notice that you're doing it.

Every goal needs a plan. Some goals will need less planning than others. You probably won't need to create a complex strategy for working out one extra day a week, but it does require organizational planning. You'll have to decide if you'll go before or after work. Decide whether to shower there or shower after at home. You'll need to figure out what equipment to bring each day. These are just a few requirements of achieving that particular goal. This is where organizational planning can be used to make the whole process of achieving each goal easier and more importantly more efficient.

Productivity and efficiency are two major keys to success, and having a strategy will put you in the best position to obtain these attributes. So here are a few keys to building and creating workable strategies to help you attain goals you set for yourself.

1. Vision - See the big picture. Don't get too caught up in small details when creating and carrying out your plan. Remember the most important part of the plan is achieving the end result. Don't get so wrapped up in individual aspects that it keeps you from doing the one thing you set out to do. Be flexible. If one aspect of your strategy isn't working, try to work around it. A lot of the time you may have to adapt your plan around circumstances that are beyond your control. Don't be frustrated when you hit walls, just know that they will, and always do come, and you're better served by being prepared and ready to work your way around them.

2. Ally yourself with the right people - Successful people don't usually become successful all by themselves. Ally yourself with as many people as you may need for the creation and implementation of your plan or plans. We all need friends to make it in today's world and having the right ones can provide help, ideas, partnerships, and sometimes help open new doors for opportunity. Keep in mind the purpose of an alliance is that ALL parties bring a useful tool to the table and all should benefit from the arrangement. Identify strengths and weaknesses within your group and use them to obtain maximum results.

3. Be persistent - If your first strategy is unsuccessful, replace it with a new one. If that plan doesn't work, make a new one. Repeat this process as many times as it takes, and you'll soon find the path you need to take. Here is the point where the majority meets failure. Failing can be a very discouraging thing, and if you're not prepared, and at peace with the fact that failure can and probably WILL come at some point, it can get the best of you. Remember, it's never over till YOU say it's over.

Following these key philosophies when creating and implementing your plans can help you set and achieve goals and that paves the ever-winding road to success. Everybody's idea of success can be different so it's good to have a solid idea of what success means to you. The most important part of all this is hopefully the success you have brings you happiness, so keep that in mind.

Author's Bio: 

John Chilton is co-founder of Platypus PC Inc.