How you do anything is how you do everything! There is a connection between your thoughts, emotions and actions. If there is a part of your business which you are dissatisfied with, take a closer look and figure out why things are not working well. Discover the conflict between what you want and how you feel about successfully achieving your goal. If you have a deep underlying belief which contradicts your goal, you will hold yourself back. The good news is change can happen.

With that being said, think about your business. Do you love what you are doing? Are you having fun while working? Are you getting paid to do something which is a natural for you? When I think about these things, I can just feel my vibration rise as I say “yes, yes, yes.”

When it all lines up, you are tapping into your natural gifts as you help your clients solve their problems. It will feel easy. To make your business work, you need to have a way of getting noticed and attracting your ideal client. Be genuine. Develop a strategy and a plan.

So often people want to be all things to all people, feeling everyone is an ideal client. That might be true, but it will not help you become clear and focused. The more specific your message, the better. Get really clear on what you do and find a way to easily say it. People are interested; especially, when it is simple and to the point.

It is the same as having a specific health problem and going to your general practitioner for help. I want to see a specialist for specific concerns, not a general practitioner. Specialists in medicine actually command a higher fee for their services. The same holds true in all professions. The more specialized you are, the more expert and sought after you will be.

Make the decision to narrow your focus and find the one thing you are best doing. Determine your area of expertise. You don’t have to be THE leading authority on it, but you want to be seen as an expert in the eyes of your clients.

I know this is difficult because you might need to put one interest on the back burner. Making decisions is hard when you love to do several different things. It doesn’t mean you will never do the other things you enjoy, but for marketing purposes having a specialty is best practices.

Getting your ideal client will be an effort if you aren’t really clear on who that person is. The more specific you are the better. When I began to narrow my focus I had to become really clear on how I helped my clients. I realized I have devoted my entire professional career to helping people reach their peak potential by clearing the obstacles to success.
Once I became clear on how I helped my clients, I then described the type of client I worked best with. This helped me to narrow my focus to sole business owners.

I wanted to get even more specific and become really familiar with my ideal client. I took it to the next step and actually created the current life story of my ideal client providing as many details as I could to make it realistic, including marital status, family, interests and professional goals. She even has a name.

Don’t resist. Narrowing your niche will help your practice. The clearer you become concerning your specialty and your ideal client, the better.

Activity: Get your pen and paper and begin to answer these questions to help narrow down your focus.

Determine you’re ideal client. Who do you work with best? Was there someone who you got great results with and the chemistry was right? Can you describe your ideal client? The more specific the better. Create a story about this person. Develop the persona, including personal, professional and spiritual details.

How do you solve their problems? At the end of the day, what do you do for your clients? Don’t focus on the technical part of your business, i.e. acupuncture or real estate. Think about how your clients feel after working with you. Do they feel more relaxed? Do you help them get organized? Focus on the solution do you provide.

Once you know your ideal client intimately and know the problem you solve, you want to begin developing your marketing message around that information. List as many keywords and action words. This will help you get started with creating your marketing message.

Now that you have all of the specifics, where can you find your client? Where does your ideal client hang out? Any associations, networking groups, volunteer organizations or clubs? What can you begin doing to connect with them?

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