"A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties." ~Harry Truman. Before opening the Redwood Sisterhood, I was in a job that I didn't enjoy. I was not challenged and wasn't really using my gifts and talents to my satisfaction. But, that job was a gift to me in so many ways. It gave me the opportunity to really take stock in my dreams. So, I left that job and opened the Redwood Sisterhood.

It hasn't been easy to have a new business in this economy. But, even the challenges and the many learning curves of a new venture have been opportunities. Technical glitches that felt devastating in the moment, were actually opportunities to fine tune the process and improve the customers' experience. I believe that if things are too easy, there is a danger in slipping into mediocrity. Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn something and improve.

If you want to be a good dream partner for someone else and want to attract dream partners for yourself, put on the lens of opportunity. When a partner comes along and is devastated by a problem or challenge, be the one who helps them see the silver lining. Pull them out of the negative place so that they can begin to climb out into the light of opportunity. Hopefully, you will be modeling that behavior for them too, so that when you are in a dark place, they can do the same for you. In every tough situation, pause and ask; What can I learn here? How can this challenge lead me to an opportunity?

Author's Bio: 

Patty Sadallah has 29 years experience as an organization development consultant and executive coach. She is a Dream Partner Catalyst and coaches and consults nonprofits and women owned small business owners around issues of focus and planning, moving them toward her dreams. Find out more about her coaching and consulting at http://www.PattySadallah.com/sq.

She is also the President/Founder of the Redwood Sisterhood, an international women's support community that offers personal and professional development learning opportunities, community bartering through time banking and fun networking events. Here, she brings together the talents and the needs of women and allows these connections to strengthen and uplift the membership. Learn more at (http://www.RedwoodSisterhood.com)

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