You may have heard the word kundalini but never experienced or even knew what it was. Kundalini normally lies dormant in most people but for those trained, it often awakens with a vengeance. The word kundalini means coil in Sanskrit. It describes the coil of 3 circles in every individual. It is an energy source that cleanses the charkas and develops them into full-blooming lotus forms. The awakening of your energy source to cleanse these until it reaches the crown chakra located at the top of your head. Once you open and cleanse the crown chakra, you’ve reached the highest level of spiritual achievement.

Awakening the kundalini often takes years to accomplish. Any practitioners of yoga spend much of their lives without ever awakening the energy source. Even when awakened the cleansing of the chakras still takes many years and most do not ever manage to cleanse the crown. The awakening often is so powerful, for some it overwhelms unless there is a guide to help with the transition.
Unprepared people that either accidentally awaken their kundalini or those that foolishly attempt to do it without training or knowing what to expect, have found that both their body and mind may suffer for many months following. Those that open the kundalini accidentally might find that it happens while practicing meditation or yoga but it also can come with a near-death experience, menopause, physical or emotional trauma spontaneously. The uninitiated don’t understand either the physical sensations or the psychic and psychological changes that it brings. Even those familiar with the concept often aren’t ready to handle the profound transformation. Those uninitiated that try to force the process have ended in disaster. The best way to unleash the power is with a guide to help. The guide should be an experienced teacher that understands all the changes the awakening brings.

Training and preparing with a guide for awaking the kundalini is the best method of insuring that the process of change goes smoothly. Years of practice building pathways and preparing the body for the sudden rush of energy and the mind for the potential changes prevents shocking the system as the sleeping energy awakens and surges through the body and mind.

Many that attend retreats find that the setting and support is an ideal location to awaken the energy within. The retreat gives the practitioner time away from the worries and commitments that keep half their mind away from true meditation and focus. The retreats offer the support of others that traveled down the pathway to higher spiritual attainment. This proves invaluable when the first rush of energy blasts through the pathways. The first hand knowledge of others helps answer questions and deal with potential reactions caused by the awakening.

For a period, there was a group that charged the Soviet government with attempting to control a large portion of the population’s minds with the use of a mechanical device that basically hypnotized them into following orders. The group never got very far since many of them had mental problems and the fact negated their efforts. Some wore tin foil caps in order to block the rays they believed came from the government. Did this really occur? Those knowledgeable about the studies of the government aren’t saying but it did do one thing. It unfortunately created the symbol of the tin foil cap as the badge of a PSI crazy conspiracy fanatic.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and even more powerful when directed by the person under hypnosis. This technique is self-hypnosis and it opens a world of possibilities for the person using it. Self-hypnosis uses many of the same techniques as the Zen masters to achieve the relaxed state necessary for psychic development. It is a shorter trip to the relaxed state than the Zen masters follow but may not produce the same height of development they find after decades of practice. It is however, a good method to begin your psychic investigation into the powers of the mind and is far easier to learn than many other techniques. Direct access to the psyche with the help of a trained hypnotist is also another route to use to access the psychic powers.

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