What's the most powerful force in the Universe, and does it work for or against you?

When asked what he thought was the "most powerful force in the universe," Einstein replied, "Compound interest."

Startling Statistics:

(According to the Federal Reserve)

• 49,000 U.S. Households now have between $50 million and $500 million in net worth.

• 125,000 U.S. Households are between $25 million to $50 million.

• Over the next 50 years the wealthiest Americans will leave behind roughly $27 trillion dollars.

• The richest 1% of Americans control more wealth than 90% of the entire US population.

• There were only 13 billionaires in 1985 in the US, but now there are over 1000.

• Today more than 10,000,000 Americans are millionaires.

So, this tiny portion of our citizens controls 51.3 Trillion dollars of America's entire $57 Trillion net worth.

Got me thinking...

That's a LOT of people worth over $25 mil!

Can You Imagine THAT?

The breadth is staggering, eh?

Now, imagine...

How many people actually have a (negative) net worth?

Consider These Well-Known Facts...

Out of 100 Americans, by Age 65:

• 1 is Wealthy

• 4 are Financially Independent

• 32 are Dead

• 63 are Broke

From PBS: FRONTLINE®, "Secret History of the Credit Card" (2004*)

• The average household has 7 credit cards.

• The average household has a total credit card balance of approximately $25,800

* NOTE: U.S. Retail Gasoline Prices averaged only $1.49 during the first week of 2004

These numbers must be quite a bit worse these days, right?

Because of continually higher unemployment, skyrocketing gas prices, declining property values and record foreclosure rates all over the country, plus the new "creditor friendly" bankruptcy laws (Passed in October 2005 that cut bankruptcy filings 80% in 2006)... it's no wonder things are so bad right now.

If such small percentages of people are actually wealthy, and we know there's 174,000 Americans worth over $25 million, how many folks have over $50,000 in credit card debt?

The answer is...

MILLIONS of Americans have over $50,000.00 of Credit Card Debt!

I can tell you, you're not alone if you do too. It's not even all your fault...

My average client over the past three years has had more than $44k in credit card debt. I have dozens of personal clients every year with more than $100k of credit card debt. That's a lot of debt!

Can you relate?


Life isn't all about money, but money does affect everything that's most important to us, like our health and our relationships; with our children, family, friends and people in general. How much money we have (after paying our lousy bills) ultimately limits how generous we can be and how much fun we can have. Money is the critical factor between living the life we really want or settling for a lifestyle less than we deserve.

So, what's the difference?

What's the Difference between having $50-$500 Million Dollars vs. having over $50,000.00 of Credit Card Debt?

It's what I like to call, the "Big Idea." It's the "secret of the rich" we each must adopt, and put into action, if we are to ever get out of debt in this lifetime...

Here's the Big Idea:

"STOP paying interest and START earning interest, ASAP".

The difference is the wealthy have money working FOR them and the broke have money working against them.

Over time it adds up, either way.

Has the "Most Powerful Force in the Universe" been Working For You, or Against You?

How are things looking for you right now?

If you're paying interest on a large amount of credit card debt, then you must know you really need to STOP RIGHT NOW. Perhaps you needed to stop a long time ago, but find yourself still paying interest every month...

"Stop paying interest and start earning interest, ASAP!"

...It's not only the "Big Idea ", it's a great idea.

The sooner, the better!

Remember, out of 100 Americans, by Age 65:

1 is Wealthy*

4 are Financially Independent*

32 are DEAD**


* The wealthy and financially independent ALL learned the "Big Idea" and TOOK ACTION to have money working for them instead of against them.

** The broke (and probably most of the dead) are (were) SLAVES to money... always working for money, never having enough, running on the treadmill, stressed out, with damaged relationships, poor health and unable to afford a better life... all because they CHOSE to keep paying interest instead of the big idea.


Don't be a slave any longer. Change your life today. DO IT NOW!

Do It Now, BEFORE You Too Wind Up Eating Alpo Dog Food on Saltine Crackers, Spending Your "Golden Years" under the "Golden Arches", Dead Broke or Worse...

It's bad enough we pay so much in taxes, right? Why continue to throw so much money down the toilet in interest payments???

Liberate yourself from financial slavery to your creditors.

Commit to the "Big Idea": STOP Paying Interest and START Earning Interest, ASAP!

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Here to Be an Asset to You,

Jesse Niesen
Author, "Debt Free ASAP!"