Does Synchronicity Exist?

I have a friend who is a bit skeptical about the existence of synchronicity. S. and I have been discussing synchronicities and interconnectedness--that there might be a design to the universe that we can tap into for our own benefit--for about three weeks now. But he doesn't see this as a real possibility yet. I can relate, of course. Years ago, when I experienced synchronicities relatively seldom, I didn't read much into them either.

Yesterday I received an email from S.:

"I had a day-laborer yesterday; his name was Daniel and he was from Veracruz, Mexico, which is the same place my former helper was from. Out of all the day labor help at Home Depot I picked him--and he knew my former helper who has since returned to Mexico. When I dropped him off at the end of the day, the Elton John song, 'Daniel' was playing. I couldn't help but think about your thought process that it was a sign from the universe. But that's as far as I could go with it. What more was I to make of it other than it being a coincidence?"

OK, consider this. If something like this coincidence happens to you once in a while, like a couple times a year or so, you might think it's interesting, but you don't read much further into it. In the beginning, coincidences occur and all you can really do is to notice them. That's OK. But if these "coincidences" occur more and more frequently, and if they appear to support a certain direction in life, wouldn't you begin to wonder just a little bit? This is what happened to me when I contemplated writing a book. Interesting synchronicities happened more and more often. And when I got into the actual flow of writing the book, they occurred almost every day, helping me with my writing process.

So I would suggest that rather than dismissing these coincidences you might simply make a mental note of them, as for example, "That sure is odd. I wonder what that's about?"--just like S. did. Sometimes, especially when you're new to this, all you need to do is notice it, to pay a bit of attention.

But what if you noticed a coincidence and were able to see a pretty clear message in it? And what if the message supported your intuition about an action you knew you ought to take--but you hadn't been quite ready to take it? What I'm saying is that perhaps "coincidences" are there to help support you in following your "higher" life purpose. Your intuition, your inner guidance supports your higher life purpose, but many of us have a tendency to ignore it. So then, what if you took the action and something amazing or favorable (or amazingly favorable) happened, wouldn't it become easier to follow through the next time? And if more and more favorable results occurred as a result of following through, wouldn't you develop a confidence in not only your intuition--that you are somehow in tune with the universe and it seems to be supporting you in your direction--but in the universe itself? This is what is possible for you to experience.

Three Simple Steps is All it Takes

The book The Celestine Prophesy discusses synchronicity, but it isn't very clear about how to attract and increase the magic of synchronicity in your life. And because it's a fictional story, you might be inclined to dismiss its contents as purely fictional. However, this book does help you become aware of synchronicity, and that is the first step.

The second step is to activate your mind in helping you make sense of the synchronicity. What this means in practical terms is to take a minute or two and try to make a connection, or to ask yourself a question, "Hmmh, I wonder what that means?" for example. This simple action could activate your consciousness, and sooner or later, you might just get an answer.

If you do get a pretty clear answer, the third step is to promptly follow through with the inspired action, and to notice what results come from it. There's nothing like favorable results or insights to help you gain confidence in not only your life purpose, your intuition, but in the synchronicities that help support it. (Especially when the favorable results happen over and over again in new ways for months and years on end.)

The good news is, I found that this process is gentle and it's up to you how fast you want to embrace it in your life. You will certainly not be expected to take a bold action when you're barely aware of the existence of synchronicities. But if you knew of the amazing results others have achieved as a result of following through, you wouldn't hesitate to develop at least a curiosity about these things. Note: Amazing results are possible because your higher self (the part of you that has that deep connection to the universe) will reward you when you follow through on your life purpose. But that's in another article...

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