We all know that most of the people desire to be happy and healthy in body and mind. That is absolutely true. What most of the people do not understand is how to produce happiness in their life instead of letting despair lead them to the garden of misery and depression.

Here are some advices regarding your Personal Development :

1. Don’t be selfish, you are not alone in this world

2. Don’t supremely love yourself, remember what happened to Narcissus

3. Don’t neglect your duties, or skillfully avoid your tasks

4. Do as much as possible for others

5. Always keep an eye and grab any chance you can to have a good time

6. Don’t think or talk about yourself all the time

7. Use "I" as less as possible

8. Mirror yourself through other people’s opinions

9. Avoid greedily listening to what people are saying about you

10. Avoid feelings such as jealousy and envy, they hurt you more than the person you feel these for

11. Be cautious but not suspicious all the time, some people deserve a decent or even a second chance

12. Stop expecting to be appreciated by others, this is a race you have to compete with yourself only

13. Accept different opinions than yours as a challenge towards yourself, don’t demand agreement

14. When you feel that it is right, trust someone else except yourself, let your trust and feelings flow

15. Forgive a severe criticism when the other person means well for you

16. Be strict with people that have nothing good to offer to you, don’t waste your energy or give it away somewhere that will be not be worth it

17. Never break someone’s trust or your word to someone, don’t say that you will do something and then take your word away if you are not sure

18. Be sure of who you are and what you want in your life, don’t waste other people’s time

19. Have no regrets — live in the present instead of the past.

20. Adjust yourself to whatever happens in life so as to make the best of it

21. Look for the beautiful and pleasant things in life, forget the past, it is no good for you

22. Forget the future, it is anxiety full

23. Live the present, now is what matters and what’s real

24. Have faith in yourself and God

Seriously, if you think about it, we all need to feel happiness, enjoy success, be loved, admired, and respected. There is always the bad influence and the good influence. But there is always a choice between them and that choice is only yours to take.

You choose how to respond to everything that happens to you and that is your power to lead your own life. If you don’t choose the right way to respond to challenges and obstacles then you will always fight to find a way to escape your dark valley (depression, fears, health issues, broken relationships, confusion etc).

In that valley, there will always be a bright ladder that will wait for you to take you back to life. The question is: Will you take it? The choice is always and has been yours. Stop blaming others for you unlucky incidents during your life course and start taking responsibilities of who you are and who you have become.

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Joanna Vaiou is a Business Owner in Personal Development industry. Her focus is on helping people realize and honor their true capabilities and potentials in life by offering her guidance through a successful business mindset development program, pertaining Personal Development education and Internet Marketing training for those interested in Online Entrepreneurship.

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