Online advertising is what advertisers are eyeing for. This type of advertising is cheaper than other media advertisement. And online advertisement gets vast exposure. One of the most popular online advertising forms is using banners. Banner advertising has been part of online advertising from its very pioneering stage.

Today banner advertising comes in many sizes and formats. Banners are placed in different positions of the page. You can judge at which position of a page your visitors will look first. You can place your banner in that position. If you think that a small web banner will get attention of fewer visitors, you can place a larger banner on web pages.

While going for banner ads you can either choose static banner in JPG format or GIF format. If your choice is animated banner, you can opt for banner in GIF format or Adobe Flash format (SWF file). If your content and graphics are less, you can design a static banner. Static banners load quickly on web pages. However, to tell your visitors a complete sales story, you may need more text content and graphics. In that case you may require an animated banner.

Texts are more important than graphics. Your banner ad should contain a strong headline that should force the visitors to read the ad. The graphics should be supportive to the text. You can include your business logo or other graphics to your ad. Since your company’s image is reflected by your business ads, it is very important that you intelligently put all the materials that represent your business in best form. You can also show your products, special offers etc. through banners.

View the kind of banner ads that are made in banner advertising. How the company’s products and brands are shown in banner ads. From there you will get idea about what to put inside your banner design.

You need to plan where to advertise. Choose which sites get high traffic or visibility. Place your banner at a suitable position on publisher’s pages that have high visibility. Biggest portals on the web host many banners on their web pages. Yahoo!, MSN, AOL are ideal portals for banner advertising as millions of online users visit their home and other pages daily. In case you can’t afford placing your ad in such portals, identify sites with good number of daily visitors. If you have professionally designed business banner and you can spend few bucks for banner promotion, you will get high click-through-rate and your business will be reaping in profits soon!

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Steve Saha a designer by profession specializing in website, blogs, minisite, banners, ecovers and flash designs. He has created hundreds of minisites for his clients all over the world. You can find more details of his work and articles at Design4banners : website for banner and other web graphics design