What’s in a name? Other than the letters S-E-A being the initials of the system we are discussing, we chose the sea as an analogy, and refer to it because of the inherent symbolism and significance the sea offers to humanity. The system of Subliminal Expectation and Anxiety we will explain here is also important to humanity, and becoming aware of it determines our ability to create a joyful and abundant reality.

It is critical that we understand the SEA is not something we should try to challenge or try to remove. The SEA is not an enemy we must conquer. It is a necessary and organic part of our personal energy that should be understood. It is the energy field that drives our creativity through our expectations. You may have heard someone say ‘You get what you expect.’ Or ‘What we give energy to, or pay attention to, we create.’ Our goal is to learn how to analyze and adjust our SEA so all of its programming is positive. Once all of our expectations are positive, and we live a life without anxiety, we can achieve absolute knowing. It is in our moments of absolute knowing that instant creation happens.

If you find your ultimate center, or ego, or you make peace with your inner child, what do you do then? What’s next? Is that all there is? Are you finished? Do you just stand around with a self-satisfied grin on your face while the entire universe revolves around you? We don’t think so. Einstein spoke of the human entity as being like sparks of energy at the intersections on the great spider web of the cosmos.

Our understanding is that without the SEA we would remain just sparks of energy on the web. There are some people who may say the supreme goal of our existence is to return to being a singular point of energy in the universe, and perhaps that is a possibility someday. At this time however, the operation of the SEA suggests that our current common reality requires dynamic creation. When we understand and adjust our SEA to support absolute knowing, it becomes our most powerful means of positive creation. If we live our lives in ignorance of the workings of the SEA, it is our major cause of distress.

The concept we offer is refined from our almost 40 years of shared knowledge. Knowledge we have gained through study, research, clinical practice, and personal life experience. Through our book we suggest a simple, easily understood explanation of why we are the way we are, and offer effective tools to change that if we choose. Please understand this is not a religious work, a spiritual work, or a metaphysical work. It is a work in practicality.

Author's Bio: 

Ordin Ashlie PhD: Ordin is trained in a broad mix of the holistic healing arts. His credentials include: PhD in Nutrition; Doctor of Naturopathy (Board Certified); Homeopathic Practitioner; Master Herbalist; Reiki Master; and Certified Feng Shui practitioner.

For many years Ordin successfully operated a Holistic Healing Center in Clearwater, Florida where he positively impacted the lives of hundreds of people by improving their health. By his example, many aspiring healers were introduced to the concepts and principles of traditional Naturopathy. In meeting the needs of others Ordin found his pathway to universal knowledge.

This pursuit of wisdom and his passion for subtle energy knowledge, led him to move to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2001 where he was privileged to study with Hawaiian kupuna. His interests have now led him to his new home on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, and he has recently published his exciting new life changing book 'The Power of Expectation. How Subliminal Expectation and Anxiety controls our lives.'