“I’m going out with Sam,” your spouse tells you in passing. “I just wanna take the car to the library,” your son or daughter tells you. “No, I didn’t leave the coffee pot on,” your co-worker insists. How do you know when someone is lying to you?
Here are eight tips to help you.

1 - Bites lower lip (nervous, when lying).

2 - Plays with own hair or earrings (ex; interviews).

3 - Self-consciously covers mouth before answering questions.

4 - Voice pitch goes higher, the voice is more negative, less fluid.

5 - Blink rate increases (sign of nervousness).

6 - Smiles, but leans face away from you.

7 - A lot of throat clearing.

8 - Scratching head or face when talking.

Most of the time you can tell when someone is lying to you, because facial expressions are a result of our society’s rules. But most people are not very good at covering their emotions.

Often the least reliable information we receive comes from what is said, while the most reliable comes from responses we can’t control.

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