Remember when you suddenly had a great idea? Think back. What was it?

Do you remember what you did with that great idea (a 'great idea' is a goal in its infancy)? If you grabbed hold of it with both hands and feet and parlayed it into something fulfilling and wondrous, then you probably don't need to read further. But if you didn't, and possibly regret it, the following could shed some light.

Depending on your personality you may have done one or more of the following:

• Processed it and processed it and may still be thinking about it months later.
• Tried to figure out how you could guarantee it would be successful.
• Got conflicted with several different emotions
• Took off into some kind of activity without any kind of plan or forethought.

If you recognize yourself in the above list, did you experience your initial motivation dissolve like a lollypop in a three-year-old's mouth?

What's happening here?

- If you're a thinker-type, you likely wanted to gather up every piece of information available on the subject and study it before taking any action.
- If you're an organized, structured individual, you needed to formulate a plan until you were certain it couldn't possibly fail.
- If you're a heart-felt person, sorting out all the emotions involved became a wearing task.
- If you're a highly creative, energetic man or woman you may have been carried away without being grounded first.

So this might be an explanation of why your 'great idea' didn't materialize, but, more importantly, how can you change this outcome for your next 'great idea'?

Let's take a look at what's really going on here. The next time you give birth to an Infant Goal, take note of what happens to you physically, mentally and emotionally,

Let's say you are progressing along in your normal day until you read, see or hear something that triggers you, ie: you walk pass a travel agency and the poster in the window shows a beautiful scene of tropical mountains in the background, a sailboat upon an azure sea, a Polynesian woman holding a bouquet of gardenias and the words, "Ride horseback along tropical trails, learn to sail in warm seas and take home self-made gardenia massage oil fragrant with the memories of your vacation in Tahiti".

Physically, you feel an urgent need to stop and just look at that poster. If you could see yourself you may notice that your eyes have taken on a look of intensity, your breathing rate has increased slightly, your stance is straighter, a slight smile is tickling the corners of your mouth, your head tilts.

Mentally, your brain is running thoughts at the speed of the Daytona 500 winner, such as;

"I've always wanted to learn to sail, imagine doing it in those waters!"

"One of my favorite flowers is the gardenia. Wow, I'd love to learn how to make my own gardenia massage oil!"

"Horseback riding is one of my favorite pastimes to unwind."

Emotionally, you feel the tingle of excitement, you are already in Tahiti. You can feel the sun, the gentle breezes and the water's mist as you skim along in your sailboat, your eyes absorb the colours and the horizon vistas, you inhale the tantalizing fragrances of gardenias, salt water and tropical vegetation, you taste the bountiful feasts of tree-ripened fruits, and you feel joyful, free, totally relaxed.

You have unmistakably received a message. At some point you have expressed a desire for this. Oh maybe not in this precise detail, but the Universe has spoken to you, it has answered you. All the Universe can do is put it in your path. The rest is up to you.

You may find yourself returning again and again, in your mind, to the moment of discovery. This is a good thing! Just beware of some old defeating behaviors.

Notice if you start to slide into "But" thoughts:


- "Tahiti has never entered my mind as a place to go."
- "I couldn't afford a trip like that?"
- "I'd never be able to take the time off work."
- "I wouldn't want to go alone, who would come with me?" or "How could I leave my family at home and go alone?"


And the 'How' thoughts:

- "How can I learn to sail? I've never even been in a sailboat!"
- "How can I leave for the amount of time I want to be there, at least 3 weeks?"
- "How can I come up with the money?"
- "How can I endure such a long flight?"
- "Where will I stay?"
- Etc.

All of those thoughts are not yours to solve. Even though you may have been taught that you have to 'make' things happen, this is an idea you must unlearn when it comes to your goal fulfillment.

YOUR part is to stay with the very first flash of insight when you 'saw your poster' whether it was a material item such as a home or vehicle, an activity such as traveling, a career move, or an accomplishment such as a degree in University. Your part is to continue to dream the dream developing the magnet which will draw it into your reality. Your part is to keep brushing away the thoughts of 'But' and 'How' and allow that same force that brought it to you in the first place to bring you those answers.

If you find that you, in your imagination, are constantly engaging your senses and emotions as you feel the need to continue to return to the moment of discovery, then you know this message was meant for you. When your desire is stronger than your fear, you know this is for you. Your antennae are in great working order!

Keep those antennae well oiled and in top condition because the time for you to go into action will be when you receive an answer to one of those 'How's'. It won't come with a chorus of angels singing "Money, Money, Money" by Abba and a flash of light spelling "Go to the Bank of Milky Way & your money is waiting for you in account Pluto!"

It will be much more subtle, in fact so subtle that you might miss it if your antennae aren't up. It may come in a story someone is relating to you, a TV commercial, a book or article that you are reading. ie: in order to fulfill one of my recently chosen goals I needed funds to take a flight. I saw a commercial for airline points and was reminded that I had a point account. I checked it out and found I had more than enough points to take that flight free! See how subtle that message was? Stay sharp and alert.

Start right now. See how alert you can be to people, places, events and the things around you. Stay in the here and now keeping your mind away from the future and the past. At the end of the day make a list of present moment enlightenments you experienced.

Goal choosing and accomplishment is more about developing a new mindset than it is activity. And a new mindset, like anything else new, takes practice. Yes, activity comes into play, but only after your antennae are polished, sharpened and fine tuned.

Have fun with it!

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