I recently was suckered into buying one of those expensive Internet Marketing packages. As part of the deal I went through an affiliate.

In case you didn't know, affiliates make their money from a commission paid by the vendor of the product when someone purchases through the affiliate's unique link or id. That part is fine and I don't have a problem with that.

However, this affiliate as part of her lure or 'hook' to get me to buy through her affiliate link offered an expensive piece of software that I wanted. I thought that part was great.

However, what I got from her was a link to download the trial version and a 'registration' number that was probably passed around and reused. This makes it piracy, illegal and unfair to the company that makes the product. To be fair, I did write to the company and I never received a response back which leads me to believe they may not care that much.

Next, the affiliate was offering her 'secret' method of making money. This turned out to be a 'carbon copy' of her fake blog complete with testimonials. I was instructed to just copy the fake blog and insert any program I wanted to promote into it. Well, these two things combined makes this affiliate's bonuses worth nothing at all.

Oh, one other strategy she suggested using had to do with overdubbing your voice on a famous artist's song. You would give the listener a URL at the end of the song and send the person to a product that was affiliated with the singer.

I just have to say that overdubbing your voice over an artist's copyrighted work is wrong. I guess if the artist were willing to give you permission that would be different. However, I doubt that would happen. I wonder how much trouble the innocent affiliate would get into by following such advice if he was unlucky enough to be targeted by a record company?

Therefore, if the affiliate I bought through has anything to offer in the future, I certainly will not be interested. "You can sheer a sheep for life, but you can skin it only once", have you heard that one, dear affiliate? I have no doubt that the affiliate in question used a bogus name anyway. Once found out, he or she will switch to another.

Please don't learn from this affiliate's behavior. Market honesty and ethically. Next:

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