Max Lerner says, "I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I am a possibilitist."

If you agree with our learned friend Max Lerner then you can adopt a mindset that says “I can make it happen…or nothing is impossible”. We are well into 2005 now and often held back by our state of mind. Fear and anxiety keep us in a constant state of planning and preparation and what we need to do is engage the “forward” button and go with what we have. I have discovered I have always been far more prepared than I thought and when I added my generosity and shared with people I met, things started to happen.

As I gave referrals so I started getting referrals back. The law of reciprocity was in full swing. Aim to give away one referral a day to current and future prospects. And remember a lead is not a referral. A lead is information about someone who may need your services. A referral is an introduction to a key decision maker. Your networks will expand. It helps to think abundantly. There is a lot of business out there. Unlimited opportunities exist. Brad Cooper from FAI Home Security says “Want to make an omelette? Gotta crack a few eggs!”. What he means is opportunity does not come knocking on your door. You need to put yourself out there and networking and being active speeds this process up.

If your business takes you overseas or you travel a lot nationally start a travel file as suggested by Robyn Henderson in her Networking Magic book. Write a summary of places you recommend, must see attractions, functions you attended, contacts you made and maybe some do’s and don’ts you learned. You can share this report then with colleagues or a person in your network when they travel to the same destination. Another source of good business relationship development is local and national awards for business. You could nominate your staff, your clients or your associates. Acknowledging and promoting others is extremely satisfying for the recipient and engenders much goodwill.

And as you proceed through your day take time to ask at least one person “how can I help you today?” One business I visited recently in Masterton asked me the question “How can I help you prosper?” Yes, he will linger in my memory as a positive encounter and I will happily make a referral back when I can.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Armitstead, New Zealand’s leader in the Science of Positive Psychology and Humour in the Workplace has a CV that’s not to be laughed at! Included in her giggliography are some ground breaking achievements, testimony to her ability to successfully combine her business acumen, creativity, and wit.

Initially a Registered Nurse she worked for 34 years in Education Management and communication roles in the health sector and in business. In 1989 she founded her own Advertising Agency, Take One Productions and won 11 awards including the NSW Tourism Award, Media Section and an award from Cacharel in Paris. She has presented over 11,000 hours of keynotes, workshops, seminars and lectures reaching an astounding 55,000 people throughout Australasia.