Your pass history about how you learn about sex can have a good or bad affect on you talking to your kids about sex.

You may be part of many people that do not know how to talk to your kids or may feel ashamed to do so, do not worry you are not alone.

At what age to talk to your kids?

Is it before ten do you talk to your kids about sex and the answer is no, yet you can start preparing the terrain to do so by creating a better communication that is easy for both parent.

When the curiosity starts, you need to address this because if you don’t they will turn to others for their information and that can be not in their best interest.

Start showing your children books about the body and naming the body part can be a first start.


Listening can be your best aide when comes to talking to your child about sex because they need to feel supported and not judge.

Teaching and not preaching

Children do not like to be preaching at, they wish to ask questions to their parent anytime especially in their time of crisis and you are the one to do so.

Feeling attack

When your child comes to you to ask questions about sex, your job is to be open and supportive.

If you attack your child verbally when they ask a question about sex because you are afraid that they might want to, then you are throwing your fears on them.

You may not have had a chance for yourself when you were growing up to ask these questions and so you have the choice to throwing your fears on them or break the behaviour.

Which parent to do the talk

The best parent to talk to the child about sex is the parent of the same sex as the child because you are similar and may know what is going on or you may have live through the same problem.

Internet over flow

Children have access to internet and that comes with a trust in the child to go only to web site that is accepted by the parent.

Because the child is curious having a protection that limits children to other site over age can be part of the solution.

Your job as a parent is to help the child to come to you when they are curious about sex by creating the environment for communication.

Improving communication

If you do not want your child at the age of 13 getting pregnant or having sex it is up to you to help them get the answers they are looking for.

Some young girls get pregnant at an early age because the family life did and do not support the child curiosity or they felt all alone and wanted support and attention and got it outside, but paid a big price.

Parents fears

How you were raise and supported as a child when you had questions on your mind about sex plays a role on how you share this with your child.

You can bring the same problems with you or you can break the pattern of fear and open yourself to a new way of expressing yourself about sex.

Over controlling

Sometimes it works against the parent if the parent is over controlling and do not share or help the child to get the answers they need about sex.

Conclusion: Talking to your kids about sex does not start at one place it is an on going relationship of communication that builds with time that support these questions when they come up.

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