How do you become successful in Network Marketing? It's like any other business that you would start. Find a company you would like to get started with and model their leaders. In other words do what they did to become successful. The reason that franchises like McDonald, Burger King, KFC, etc are successful is that you can order a meal in Boston and then go to San Francisco and order the exact same thing. They have a model and they use in every one of their stores without exception. that is why they are so successful.

Sound simple doesn't it? And it is. The problem begins is when you get impatient, because it doesn't work in a week or two so you try to do it your way and before you know it you quit and your out of the business. Another casualty of Network Marketing. The system didn't fail you you failed you. You didn't follow the system. So your off and running looking for another Network Marketing company with a better system and spending more money. When if you were persistent with the first network marketing company you would have saved money too. How do I know? I did that many times and watched other people become very wealthy while I was struggling to get it going.

Were those people smarter than me? Probably, because they stayed with what they believed in while I became an Network Marketing junkie. You've heard that before. The key to Network Marketing or any business is to be persistent, persevere and have faith in yourself. Don't let your friends or relatives tell you your crazy or you don't know what your doing. Run from them and keep those negative thoughts out of your head.They are talking about themselves who probably never took a risk in their lives. NO risk no reward.

You Have to remember why you wanted to get involved with your own home based business. What was your original motivation? Money? More time freedom to spend wit you family? To fire your boss? these are the things that will keep you going thru all the missteps that you are going to make. The average millionaire failed 17 times before he got it right. Are you willing to make some mistakes?

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