Depression hurts, more and more people struggle with depression. Some cases are more severe than others. First it's important to find out what kind of depression you're suffering from. Psychotic depression, Major Depression, Melancholic depression, Atypical depression, or Postpartum depression. I've battled depression myself, and here's some steps to help fight it. Just never give up, and know there's people who will support and help.

Simply eating carries weight on our mood, believe it or not. Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and fish in your diet. If you don't like fish, at least get more omega-3 into your diet. Eat Walnuts(which has a high source of omega-3), strawberry's, spinach, broccoli and salmon(if you like fish), squash, and sugar beets. Scientists have found the foods we eat, can trigger brain chemicals. Eating is really important. Try to avoid eating a lot of cereal and foods with vegetable oils. I've read that people are more prone to depression who consume a high quantity. Drink grape fruits, or more juices. Avoid a lot of sodas.

Keep a journal. If you think that you are depressed, or on the way to becoming depressed then start keeping a journal. Write down all of your feelings for at least a couple of weeks. After these couple of weeks, go back and read over what you wrote and try to figure out what triggers your emotions. Figuring out the cause can help you to get rid of what is making you depressed.

St. John's wort is a special herb used for suppressing the depression. It produces no side effects. 900 mg per day could provide you with the desired results.

Make yourself feel good by working out. Seriously, this is a great way to feel good physically and then give you a sense of pride mentally. Is there any better way to feel good, when you've achieved something? Make a goal to lose 8 pounds, or run a few miles. Feel the self accomplishment in achieving something.

Make sure you know you're not alone. People who deal with depression, feel this sense of panic and anxiety. Depression really is scary, but don't be afraid to talk about it. Join groups and share your experiences with others. Don't be afraid to open up about it. It's easier to find the solution if you open up about it. Talk to others who've experienced depression. You can really learn a lot and realize you're not alone. Others are, or have gone through what you are.

Get a change of scenery. Maybe you are just bored with your life. Doing the same routine everyday can be tiring and depressing, especially if you watch television and see the fabulous life that it seems like everyone is living. Taking a vacation or just going somewhere new will take away some of the monotony from your life.

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