Go ahead, there’s no wind-up necessary, you can simply answer the question for yourself:

"How confident do you feel?"

What happens in your body as you answer this? Do you feel some butterflies in your stomach or does your heart skip a few beats? Experience a little hesitancy in your voice? Perhaps you aren’t sure how to answer because you feel totally confident in one area of your life or business but riddled with doubt in another?

If so, you’re not alone. Most people have some sort of visceral reaction to it. Why? Most people’s biggest fear is stepping into their personal power and letting their light shine. In practical terms that means being fully confident in who you are. We all play lots of roles in our lives, but it is confidence at the core, that feeling of being comfortable in our own skin that separates those who thrive from those who spend their lives struggling to create the results they most want to experience.

What are you currently not doing that you would do if only you had more confidence? Would you:

* Be a more powerful networker?
* Fire a less than ideal client?
* Ask for a raise from your employer or increase your fees?
* Say no (instead of a halfhearted, guilt-filled yes out of obligation)?
* Change careers?
* Leave a relationship that doesn’t serve you?

The list can go on, but I am here to tell you that almost every decision you want or need to make in your life and business comes down not to getting more information, but stepping into a level of certainty and self-assurance within YOU. This truth is even truer in situations or times that feel the most uncertain. For many, today’s times, today’s economy is those very times. There is a reason you are experiencing what you are experiencing right now. There is a reason you are reading this article. What is trying to emerge for you?

If the answer scares you, that is perfectly normal. It is OK. I am confident you have all you need within you to birth your best life and business (or up-level the one you already have). It just needs to step forward. It can only do that from the rooted and rich soil of confidence. While confidence ultimately comes from within, for almost all of us (me included) it takes cultivation and support from others who can inspire and guide us to new levels of confidence in who we are and what we do.

Author's Bio: 

Paula Gregorowicz, owner of The Paula G Company, is a life and business coach who helps women cultivate the confidence they need to uplevel their life and business and succeed on their own terms. Get the Free eCourse and learn the "5 Steps to Turn Fear into Freedom & Experience Greater Confidence" at http://www.thepaulagcompany.com