Is that band of fat around your middle good for you? Of course you know it’s not! Everyone knows that! Most people are more concerned about the way they look, then the health concerns. You just want the fat to go away. Want to find out how to get rid of that belly flab quick?

Well, here is that dreaded advice again! Yes, it’s consuming a controlled and healthy diet, along with regular exercise.

A meal plan with the correct type of carbs, which includes whole grains, fruits, and veggies, will help you lose belly fat.The Every Other Day Diet is a good one to try

You need to understand that to drop tummy flab; you have to drop weight throughout the entire body. There is no magic method, or pill that will do this. To lose belly fat quickly, select a diet plan that burns fat. Do not drink alcohol, it adds to the fat on your belly (ever hear of a “beer belly”)?

To target the entire body, swimming or walking is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise. You can also try jogging or dancing (which is fun!) to get rid of belly fat. Specialists in nutrition and exercise may recommend 5 days a week cardio exercises, lasting for 20-30 minutes each time. To target the Abs, crunches and sit-up are also suggested.

I don’t know about you, but I do not have all this additional time to dedicate to exercising each week. My family, life and job take my time. I don’t have much extra time! Crunches and sit-ups are dull! I hate them.

Someone with very dissimilar ideas about exercising and diet has come into my life. His advice made me sit up and listen. Mike Geary is a specialist in diet and fitness. Mike states that doing Ab specific work outs (like crunches or sit-up), is not useful, and tends to make your Abs larger. Instead, he focuses on the intensity of the workout, and working out the entire body as a whole. High intensity work outs, with short in between rest periods is recommended. Instead of targeting the smaller Ab muscles, you work out your larger muscle groups, which burns belly fat in a shorter period of time. Doing specific exercises that target the Ab muscles, really offer the least resistance, and resistance is what tones and develops muscles to burn that fat.

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Susan has been a nurse for 30+ years with expertise in many fields including bariatric weight loss.
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