Feng shui is becoming more and more popular, particularly since it is about the easiest way to “green” up your building. The front of your building is called the Face of Ch’i (pronounced chee). You can attract more Sheng ch’i (positive energy) by putting your home or office buildings’ best face forward. The Face of Ch’i is made up of:

• The mouth, which is represented by the front door
• The tongue, which is represented by the walkway up to the front door
• The eyes, which are represented by the windows
• The skin, which is represented by the exterior walls of the home

Giving your building a facelift elevates the ch’i coming in and helps create a positive flow of energy from the outside of your property into the building. In this article, we’ll talk about how to enhance the Mouth of Ch’i.

The front door to your building is called the Mouth of Ch’i. This is where the energy enters. It is also where friends, tenants, vendors, suppliers and potential clients enter, too.

When looking at the front door notice whether the paint is peeling, or if there are any marks on the door, such as nicks or chips in the paint or finish. If needed, repair and repaint or revarnish the front door.

Next, check the hardware on the door. Is it rusted? Does it stick? Does it need to be polished or replaced? The hardware should be in good working order, shiny and attractive.

If there are glass panels in the door, make sure they are spotless. Wash away any cobwebs or dirt. If any of the panels are cracked or broken replace them. Broken windows represent negative ch’i and this negative energy is coming in your front door.

The landing area or front porch in front of the door is also important. Sweep it clean to clear away any dirt and cobwebs if that’s all it needs, but pressure clean the landing area if there are stains or stuck debris.

Place a black or charcoal colored welcome mat at the front door. If you have a water feature at your front door, such as a pond or fountain, place a red or brown doormat instead. Make sure it is big enough to enhance the front door (or doors if you have a double door entry). A tiny mat that looks out of place in the entry won’t do. Your welcome mat should be solid (no holes) so that ch’i can flow into your front door without getting stuck.

Now let’s talk about how to enhance the tongue, eyes and skin of ch’i.

The pathway up to your front door is called the tongue of ch’i. A straight pathway, such as the one below, brings Sha ch’i (or negative energy) to the front door (similar to a poison arrow).

Sheng ch’i (or positive energy), likes to meander and flow like a winding river. A meandering pathway to the front door is ideal. Since it’s not practical to replace the pathway we’ll do the next best thing.

Place terra cotta pots filled with red, yellow or bright orange flowers along the pathway at staggered intervals. Place the first pot where the pathway to the house begins on either the left or right side. The next one will go on the opposite side of the pathway about 3’ to 4’ further ahead. Continue this staggering of pots until you get to the front step or porch. Then, on each side of the doormat, place a pot of red, yellow or orange flowers. If this crowds the front door then place these pots on either side of the front step or entryway to the porch instead.

Pressure clean or sweep the pathway to your home to remove any dirt and create an appealing walkway up to the door. Be sure to remove any dead plants along the pathway and trim back any overgrown bushes, trees or other plants.

The windows on the home represent the eyes of ch’i and draw energy into the home. Windows should be washed to remove dirt, dust, lime scale and cobwebs. They should sparkle and shine to let in as much light as possible.

The skin on the face of ch’i is represented by the exterior walls. If the paint is peeling, faded, or marked by iron rings from the sprinkler system then take the time to repaint your home or hire someone to do it for you. Fill any holes and repair any cracks in the walls too.

If you don’t need to repaint, then take time to pressure clean or hose down the exterior walls of your home. Cobwebs, dirt, and insect nests tend to build up around the eaves of the home and around gutters. A good spray with cleaner and a hose will remove these for you creating a welcoming appeal.

All of these changes will help attract the right kind of energy into your home and office so that you can attract more of what you want in your life and your work.

Author's Bio: 

Chriss Barr is a Feng Shui and Dowsing Expert as well as the author of 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life & Fatten Your Wallet available on Amazon.com. You can find out more about feng shui and dowsing at PalmBeachFengShui.com.