Many individuals don’t go after their dream because they don’t think they can, should, it’s too small, or “don’t know” what it is. Are any of these holding you back?

Two inspirational videos were emailed to me: one about a dog named Ricochet and one about Rudy Ruettiger, for whom the popular movie Rudy is about. The links are available on the Resources page of my Website, and that link is in my bio. Both are worth a watch, especially if you feel life purpose- or dream-challenged.

What can you learn from a dog?

Ricochet was easy to train, and trained she was to assist a disabled person. There was just one problem: her nature was to chase birds, which meant she could never be trusted not to dash off. Her disappointed trainer decided to focus on what Ricochet COULD do. She also decided to let go of who she wanted Ricochet to be and let her BE who she is. Ricochet wasn’t able to help one individual, as originally planned—she helps thousands and inspires as many. Her life purpose turned out to be something other than was planned for her. Granted, Ricochet didn’t have a dream, but the message of her experience and outcome serves and inspires anyone who struggles to flourish as their authentic selves.

Then there’s Rudy.

Rudy had the power of a dream. Many might have considered his dream too small or insignificant—or, as in the minds of some he met along the way, “not based in reality.” We’re encouraged to dream big and be realistic, right?

Akin to the outcome for Ricochet, Rudy’s dream was fulfilled; but the outcome did and continues to this day, to inspire millions. This was never a result Rudy had in mind or imagined—which only goes to show . . .

We can never anticipate how large a ripple going for and achieving our dream, no matter its size, will create. Nor should that necessarily be our primary focus.

Dream Big—that is probably exactly what some need to hear. Others may be better served by Dream Your Authentic Dream. You want to watch not to let the opinions and judgments of others stifle who you are and what you are passionate about experiencing in your life.

Do you know what your dream is?

When I ask someone, “What is your dream?” and they answer, “I don’t know,” my next question is, “If you did know, what might it be?” They think maybe I wasn’t paying attention to what they just said; and then, they find they do have an answer. It’s really a matter of asking a better question or asking a question differently.

We’re conditioned and continue to be so, to consider any dream or goal that isn’t BIG, as unworthy. If this—or any reason—is an issue for you, take a look at the two-part Rudy video and see if you still feel that way about your dream.

A few don’ts . . .
• Don’t let anyone persuade you from your dream or passionate commitment, or allow anything to stand in your way.
• Don’t believe you have to have only one dream or one purpose in life.
• Don’t believe you must do what you’re really good at (or trained to do) if you don’t absolutely love it.
• Don’t believe you can’t do something you love unless you’re an expert or master—do it, keep doing it, and you’ll reach that level.
• Don’t believe you must dream big if it stresses you, stops you, or throws you off course—follow what you have heart and mind alignment about.
• Don’t believe you can’t start until everything, including you, is “perfect”—what a waste of vitality and time!
• Don’t worry about the size of the “ripple” you’ll create in the world—there’s no way you can know what the ultimate ripple will be. Just enjoy creating it and let it go and grow where it does.

Ricochet was allowed to be herself and make a huge difference. Rudy didn’t let anything or anyone stop him; and his passionate commitment affected others so deeply, he found he had just the assistance he needed, when it was needed.

If your dream, your nature, your passionate commitment to your chosen life experience inspires even one person—but most importantly fulfills you—isn’t it worth it?

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