Are you addicted to your scale? If you answered yes to that question, I'm here to nip that unhealthy habit in the bud! I find that many of my clients give their pesky little scales way too much control over their lives. They ultimately let the scale dictate their mood for the day based upon the fluctuations in their weight that they perceive as positive or negative.

I typically recommend that my clients adhere to a monthly weigh-in ritual as they work towards reaching their goals. Obsessing over the scale is unhealthy and will drive any sane person mad. Instead, use the energy that you once put into the scale to commit to yourself and the process. After all, weight loss is a process and does not happen over night. Before you know it, a month will go by and you will see the difference in the scale.

Here are three tips to help you avoid being a slave to your scale!

Tip #1: Banish Your Scale to Exile: Remove your scale from your bathroom floor where you will be tempted. Instead, store it out of sight out of mind. If merely sticking it in a drawer will do the trick that's great! Otherwise, you'll need to resort to more extreme measures and place it in an inconvenient location (like your friend's house or maybe the garbage can in some cases - you know who you are!) At the very least, you may want to consider taking the batteries out!

Tip #2: Wean Yourself Slowly: If you just can't fathom a month without your scale, try weighing yourself at weekly intervals for the first couple of weeks, than switch to biweekly intervals, until you work your way up to monthly intervals.

Tip #3: Go By Appearances: There is no better indicator than how you feel and how you look, especially when it comes to your clothes. If the weight and inches are coming off, your clothes will let you know. The mirror can be helpful too! You know your body better than anyone.

FYI, I haven't been on the scale in more than a year, maybe longer. (Except for the occasional doctor visit in which case I tell them not to tell me the number!) Now that I am at a point of weight maintenance, I know by the choices that I make that I am on the right track, and of course my clothes which are oh, so honest!

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Alison M. Fadoul is “America’s #1 Mom Motivator,” and the author of the forthcoming book The Hot Mommy Next Door: A Quick, Easy, and Effective Way to Drop Your Baby Weight and Achieve Your Personal Best After Pregnancy. Alison is a certified Spinning® instructor and founder of the Hot Mommy Next Door, a web source and consulting service for mothers of newborns and young children who want to drop their unwanted, leftover baby weight and achieve their personal best physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sign up now for her free weekly Ezine, “Tips from the Hot Mommy Next Door,” at and receive these two “free” gifts: the Hot Mommy Next Door shopping list and an audio program featuring an interview with Alison. To inquire about Alison’s availability and fees, please contact her via or call 954/304-5481.