Love should come naturally, right? We should not have to rely on experts to give us dating tips, be more attractive or make better dating decisions. Isn’t that what our girlfriends are for? Unfortunately, most of the dating advice you get from others is incorrect or, worse, damaging to your love life.

During my early twenties (my pre-awakening years), I was dating someone I really liked. My best friend was seeing his best friend and it was great. Unfortunately, my friend’s guy was being a little flaky and she was mad at him. During that time, my love interest cancelled plans with me because of a conflict. My girlfriend told me to stand up for myself and lay it all on the line. So, I called him back and said that I was not going to put up with him cancelling at the last minute and I guess I should look for someone else to date if he wasn’t going to commit. This was totally out of character for me and it felt awkward. Guess what? He never called me again.

Of course, after years of transformation I would not even consider doing something like that again. I always wondered if I had a dating coach I would have avoided many of these silly foibles. I would have found my way much sooner instead of spending the next twenty years filled with hurtful love relationships.
How many times have you taken advice from your best friend and it turned into a debacle? Or, have you read one of those advice books written from a man’s point of view only to have it blow up in your face? If you need help with your relationships, the best person to turn to is a Love or Dating Coach.

A good Love Coach doesn’t give advice on how to react in certain situations because she knows that every person and situation is unique. A love coach does not teach you how to love others, but helps you love yourself. If you want love in your life and it isn’t showing up, there is something within you that is blocking it. A Love Coach can help you discover the blind-spots that are preventing you from attracting true love.

Some people ask if they can do the work on their own and I believe that they can. The benefit of hiring a coach is that you get results at a faster rate because you are not stuck navigating within the muck of your own false thinking. A Love Coach can be your guide to ask questions that will laser any situation and have you see it more clearly and make more empowered decisions in your dating life. The most important element when choosing a coach is having a great rapport with her or him and they allow you to find your own answers.

In my practice, I use the technique of hypnosis which is simply a guided visualization process with the acceleration of hypnotic suggestions. This isn’t about dancing in your happy place with butterflies, but discovering the deep, subconscious blocks that keep you from having everything you want in life – including a happy relationship. The best thing about using hypnosis with your coaching program is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money.

Most clients need just 3-6 sessions before their inner mind is shifted and they are experiencing a new level of confidence in dating and finding the one. With what could take months with a regular coach, a woman can see her love life start to shift immediately after the first session. I have had some clients meet their true love within weeks after using hypnosis.

I believe anyone who wants love can have it in their life and that they are the only one stopping the natural flow of love toward them. Since the subconscious mind is not logical, this can be difficult to analyze on your own. A Love Coach can shine the light on the mystery and reveal the person you were meant to be in relationships.

The truth about hypnosis and love coaching is that it is fun, it is easy and it works. I know that the use of hypnosis is the main reason why I transformed from a disastrous dater to a confident woman with a great love in her life.

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Debra Berndt is a Certified Hypnotic Love Coach offering sessions, workshops, teleclasses and weekly radio show, The Love Coach Show on BlogTalkRadio. Her book, "Let Love In" is to be released in early 2010. Her website is