When you're structuring your Irresistible Offer you want to think about dinner. That meal generally includes a main dish, a couple of side dishes and dessert.

Here's what I mean:

The Main Dish
The main dish of your Irresistible Offer is the primary product or service that provides the transformation for your client. This is your 5-part teleseries, weekend workshop or your one-on-one coaching package.

Keep your main dish focused around one central outcome or transformation. You may have multiple talents, which is great, but your offer should be focused around one that is very clear.

The Side Dishes
The peas and mashed potatoes of your offer are the bonuses. These are products and services that you offer free when people invest in the main dish. They are easy to create and ideally cost you very little but they have a high perceived value.

They are something the client would have paid for anyway, and they're tightly related to the main dish. For example, the first info product I ever bought was one that taught me how to put together my own E-newsletter and the bonus was "101 Ways to Grow Your List." Anyone investing in the first product would love to have that bonus.

When you're eating dinner, you generally don't have 20 side dishes. The same is true for bonuses. Offer no more than three. You want to have time to describe each one, so that your prospects hunger for the bonuses as much as they do for the main dish.

The dessert of your meal is a special form of bonus that I call "little soldiers."

Little soldiers are your "feet on the street," promoting you when you're not around. You bundle these CDs, free reports, discount tickets, or books in your package for your new client to pass along to a friend.

For example, years ago when I was leading the course on understanding men, the three-day weekend workshop was our main dish. The bonus was three follow-up Q&A group calls with the leader. And the little soldier was a CD of the introductory presentation they came to along with "a gift for their girlfriend" -- a $100 gift certificate for a friend to take the course.

That little soldier was so popular our phone rang off the hook!

There's no better promoter for you than someone who's invested in your work. So putting something in their hands to work for you when you're not around can be golden.

Keep it Simple...and Delicious
The bottom line is you want to keep your offer clear and simple so that people have what they need to say yes or no. When you make it complex with 20 bonuses that bear no relation to the main offer, people get confused.

Remember, a confused mind says no.

So make your offer delicious--with a scrumptious main dish, 1-3 mouth-watering bonuses and a little soldier--and your audience will clamor for the meal and come back to you for seconds again and again.

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