Are you letting your intuition help you monetize your passion? Have you ever thought or asked yourself: “How can my intuition help me monetize my passion?” Yes, I am. And a BIG Yes, I ask myself what my intuition is saying or what my intuition is guiding me to do every day, every time I need to make an important decision whether it is in business or in life. Yes, I know, you’re most likely to trust your intuition for so many things that happen in your personal life, and I’m telling you, your business is no exception. Intuition DOES help you create income, create cash flow, create profitability in your business, meaning your intuition CAN certainly help you monetize your passion. Now you may want to ask me: “Olivia, how can I use my intuition in my business? Or How exactly can my intuition help me monetize my passion?” Well, this is all we’re going to talk about in this week’s article: “How Your Intuition Can Help You Monetize Your Passion.” Feel the Intuitive Love, Have Fun, Learn a ton and enJOY! :-)

How Your Intuition Can Help You Monetize Your Passion

Whatever you may call it, your intuition, gut feeling, inner guidance, inner GPS, inner wisdom… that “Infinite Intelligence” that comes from inside / within you is always there ready, willing and committed to helping you move forward and make progress in your own personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial journey. So, again, business is included, there’s no exception.

Yes, you can ask yourself, what your intuition is guiding you to do, be or say, whenever you need to make a decision for yourself. And, of course, you can also ask your spouse, children, family members, friends, clients, co-workers, etc, what their intuition is guiding them to do, be or say, whenever someone else’s asks your opinion about what you think they should do, be or say about something.

Intuition REALLY is a powerful tool that we all have and we all utilize to some extent, whether you may realize it or not. As I said earlier, maybe you call it a feeling, a gut, a hunch, inner power, authentic voice, etc. The transformational truth is, most of us, enlightened entrepreneurs as coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts, use our intuition to help others as an independent professional and service-based provider.

However, when it comes to our own business we often dismiss our feelings / emotions and may concede to another “professional’s opinion.” Why? Because we many times wonder if our intuition knows what it is doing in this area, field or industry. As if business could be an exception. Maybe we say, “I’m not an expert in this topic, I don’t have a business degree, a MBA or PhD, I’m not a traditional marketing/business consultant.” Or even worse, maybe we think, “I should just push past this ‘awkward’ feeling of ‘this isn’t right’ or ‘there is something wrong here’ and listen to what the professionals in this area say.

You have all the answers you need inside / within you.

I’m here to tell you that “something is just NOT right,” and, most important, I’m here to tell you that you DO have all the answers you need inside / within you about your own business and entrepreneurial journey. And when you take time to listen to your “intuition” or whatever you may call it, it will help you, guide you and serve your highest good.

On the other hand, every time you ignore your inner voice, inner whisper, inner wisdom, a small part of you withers away. It creates a disconnection, a misalignment, a “not-feeling-good kind of emotion” and over time your business (and life) begins to feel out of sorts. You’ll feel like something is “weird, odd or just not right.” That “something” is all those times you refused to listen to your intuition, you dismissed it and yielded to an external influence, external opinion instead.

Now it’s time to trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust your feelings.

Please pay careful attention when I tell you that now it’s time to trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust your feelings. And here’s exactly how you can trust yourself, follow your heart and let your intuition help you monetize your passion so you can align, expand and succeed in your own business from the inside out once and for all.

6 Signs to STOP looking outside and START looking inside / within you

Here are six signs to stop looking outside and start looking inside / within you. In other words, six signs that you need to stop what you are doing and take time to listen to your intuition:

1. FEELINGS of CONFUSION or STUCK: You are going around and around in your mind and keep on thinking over and over again about something and feel confused or stuck.

2. The NEED to FIGURE something OUT: You may say, “I just need to figure this out!” Or “Once I have this solved, then I can…” Whenever you hear yourself say this or something similar, please be aware that it’s time to switch from your head to your heart; you need to switch from thoughts to feelings.

3. MONEY is the ONLY REASON: Money (monetizing, making money) is the prominent decision making factor.

4. “HAVE TO” FEELINGS: When you feel the slightest feeling of obligation, responsibility and guilt (“have to” or “should”).

5. The NEED of other PEOPLE’s opinions: You keep asking others for their opinions, suggestions and advice, and what it all does is: it makes you even more overwhelmed, information overloaded, confused or frustrated.

6. What EXPERTS say that matters: You are relying on the insights, suggestions and advice of experts (what they say is what really matters) at the exclusion of looking inside yourself / within you for answers to your questions.

Work on trusting yourself and listening to your intuition more.

Please work on trusting yourself, listening to your intuition, following your heart… that inner guidance, inner wisdom, gut feeling, and when a thought suddenly crosses your mind or a feeling unexpected hits your heart, pay close attention! Now let me help you utilize your intuition to monetize your passion and create the business and life you’re always wanted, desired and deserved.

5 Indications to Trust, Listen and Follow Your Intuition in Your Business

Here are five indications to trust, listen and follow your intuition in your business. In other words, five hints that your business intuition is trying to connect and communicate with you:

1. REPEATEDLY THOUGHTS: You think, feel or say, “That feeling kept coming over and over again” or “That thought kept crossing my mind.”

2. WEIRD FEELINGS: You think, feel or say, “There is something ‘weird’ happening.” or “There’s just something about this that doesn’t feel right.”

3. PROCRASTINATION: You are procrastinating, giving excuses, making up reasons or doing everything else to avoid doing something.

4. DISGUSTING FEELINGS: You are NOT feeling excited, enthusiastic or looking forward to something. Whenever you think about it you get a disgusting, yucky feeling.

5. YOUR CALLING: You feel compelled to do something, you can’t wait to talk to someone, or you truly look forward to being somewhere, and at the same time, you are not really sure WHY you are feeling so inspired, so attractive, so magnetic to all these things.

Monetize Your Passion From The Inside Out

So, from now on, make a decision and a commitment to monetize your passion from the inside out no matter what. In other words, decide and commit to monetizing your passion as if your business (and life) depended on it. Why? Because, guess what? It DOES. Whenever you need help, guidance or advice from others or whenever other people ask for your help, guidance or advice in business. For example, here are some samples of business-related questions: “Do you think this is good timing to create this product, design this program or do this event?” or “Is there a market for this product, program or service?” and one of my favorites, “What do you think I should do?” or “What do you advise me to do?” My precious answer is actually questions such as, “What does your intuition say?” or “What does your heart say?” or “What are your feelings about going forward with this?” or “How do you feel about this?”

Of course, there are lots of external factors we can consider when opening, running and growing a business, like what the “market” or “my ideal client” wants, but I truly believe (I’m trusting my intuition here). How Your Intuition Can Help You Monetize Your Passion ) we must always begin from the inside out, meaning, we must always start with what WE want first and then go from there.

That is why our Authentic Business Success tagline is Where Passionate Professionals Become Enlightened Entrepreneurs. Passion as well as enlightenment comes FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Start with you, start with your PASSION; get real crystal clear on what feels good to you, what makes your soul sing, what makes you alive (what enlightens you?) and then consider other things, all the other steps, secrets and strategies you need to monetize your passion and create a thriving business you love on your own way and terms. Always start with you, from the inside out.

5 Most Common Intuitive Business Decisions

Now to make it even easier for you and allow your intuition to help you monetize your passion, I want to give you five most common intuitive business decisions that may go smoother when you trust yourself, listen to your intuition and follow your heart, your gut feeling or whatever you may call it:

1. IDEAL CLIENTS: Deciding which clients to work with (who are the people you want, enjoy and love to work with?).

2. DEADLINES: Deciding when to schedule deadlines, meetings, events, including time off.

3. PRICING: Deciding which pricing points to choose from and/or setting pricing for your programs, products or project fees

4. PACKAGING: Determining what services, products or programs to provide

5. TEAM: Hiring a new team member i. e. a vendor, a virtual assistant (V.A.), a coach/mentor, an accountant, a lawyer, a consultant, etc.

Whenever you are having trouble making a decision about something such as, “monetizing your passion” in your business (and life), STOP! Stop whatever you’re doing and do take time to listen to your intuition. For example, take a walk in the park, on the beach or anywhere closer to where you are, visit nature, look at the sky, take a deep breathe, meditate, sit quietly or journal for a couple of minutes, have a shower or bath, go for a run or make any exercise you enjoy, or just listen to music.
The most important thing here is to create the space for your intuition, inner guidance, and it will rise to the occasion. Trust yourself, listen to your intuition and follow your heart in all areas of your life. And always remember, business (learning how to monetize your passion) is no exception.

Authentic Business Success in Action

Work on trusting, listening and following your intuitive guidance in your business (and life) every day, every time you have a decision to make. Now apply the Law of G.A.D.I. – Go And Do it and truly thrive today, tomorrow and beyond! How Your Intuition Can Help You Monetize Your Passion

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Until then, share your PASSION, live your PURPOSE and TRULY THRIVE today!

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