“Time is money” is a phrase that has been used for all types of businesses over decades of work. In order for any business to be successful, it must make the best use of its time and resources. The more efficiently the business operates, the closer it will come to its maximum potential in production and profits. The employees are the most valuable resource that any business has. Making the right choice in employees will also help you make the best use of your time so that your business runs efficiently.

Hiring for the Position

Although operations differ among different types and sizes of businesses, many use a basic “by the position” plan to determine who does what on a daily basis. It is easy to understand that if the same employee uses the same piece of equipment day after day, he is going to be the most efficient at using it of all the employees in the operation. Unfortunately, the skills that he has built over time are lost when he suddenly becomes ill or leaves for a different position and there is no one prepared to take over his spot.

Before hiring an employee who is the top performer in a specified area, consider whether they also have the training and/or experience that would allow them to cross over into related positions if the need should arise. Look at every area of your operation and see where cross-training would be easily implemented and then look for the right people to fill those jobs. Not only does this prepare you for the unexpected loss of key employees, it provides you with additional labor to cover large jobs so they can be completed more effectively in a shorter period of time.

When to Outsource

Outsourcing various parts of the workload has become increasingly popular for all types of businesses from medical facilities to sales companies. Many businesses like the idea of freeing up time of their staff and having jobs like billing or appointment reminders handled by professionals in their area. Outsourcing can also save a lot of time and money spent on hiring and training staff that is dedicated to a task that isn’t even directly related to the main purpose of the business. Some of the most common types of jobs that are outsourced are:

• Accounting
• Website Design
• Computer Programming
• Billing
• Data Entry
• Research and Development
Customer Service

The reason that outsourcing these and other tasks has become such a popular decision is that it allows employees to focus on their jobs and make the best use of their time and talents. Before you hire a new person to pick up the slack, consider whether there might be a portion of the job your employees are already spending time on that could be outsourced for more efficient results.

Efficiency by Example

One of the worst things that can happen to an efficient, dedicated employee is to work with one who is anything but. When you are giving it your all day after day, only to watch another employee who takes every opportunity to avoid doing their job end up with the same rewards that they do. Even when an employee has the qualifications to make them the best hire on paper, they may not have the same drive once they are in the work place. This leaves the employer with the task of trying to bring out the best in the employee while preventing employees around them from losing their drive.

Incentive programs are often effective at bringing out the best in employees by rewarding those who go the extra mile and get the most done. Simple showcasing an “Employee of the Month” may be enough to bring competition to the table and inspire the otherwise lackluster employee to step up his game. Incentives that pay off repeatedly over short periods of time are more likely to offer long-lasting results than those that occur at the end of the year where achievements may seem more out of reach. Also, think about the employee(s) that you are targeting and determine what is most likely to bring about their best effort. For some, monetary bonuses are ideal while others are happy just to get some recognition.

Any employee who has the skills and desire to be productive will make your business more efficient. For the business owner, this means making their best hires, understanding employees on an individual basis, and providing the best tools to bring out the best in each person.

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