How your Beliefs Decide Your Success or Failure
• 1. We asked a dozen blog readers, “What’s a turn-on to keep reading, & what makes you hit the Delete?”

• 2. Ten of twelve said, “Does it help me solve a problem or
do I think, “So what?”, “Who-Cares?”, “WIIFM – what’s-in-it-for-me?” Conclusion: “Is-It-Relevant to my life?”

• 3. Then we asked one-hundred graduates of SpeedReading101, “What makes you stay with an article, verses ‘Delete’?

• 4. Three-out-of-four said, “Credibility: is it in a science Journal, & researched by a major university? They said they think: “Why-should-I-believe-you?” Add to that, “relevancy to solving problems in my life.”

• 5. OK, here’s research dated, 6.18.13, from University of Michigan & Hong Kong University. Published in the Journal, ‘Psychological Science’. See if their conclusions arouse your curiosity to keep reading to know more.

• 6. Headline: “Your Beliefs (principles, ideas) decide in advance, your success or failure in test-taking, acing the job interview, and creating new relationships.”

• 7. One more area: your beliefs (mindset) about the cause of “obesity” (overweight), causes you to lose weight on a diet, or fail. This is really easy, but contradicts our theory
that “talk-is-cheap”, and what you “think” doesn’t really matter.

• 8. Here the deal: 90% of us believe either one or the other about the cause of “obesity” (getting fat).
Diet or Exercise. 50% believe DIET, 50% say lack of exercise.

• 9. Only 5% believe in both Diet & Lack of exercise. Oh yeah, DNA, (genetics) was a distant choice. “I got ‘fat’ bones from my mother!”

• 10. Wait. Get this. When you believe lack of exercise is the cause, the best diet on the planet fails to make you lose weight. It’s a scientific fact.

• 11. Al contrario: when you believe strict dieting is the solution, and your program is daily jogging, walking & you do NOT lose “ten-pounds-of-ugly-fat!”. Fat does
melt-off by dieting or exercise, when that is your deep belief and expectation.

• 12. For Brainiacs: the scientists concluded, age, education, medical condition, sleep habits, and socio-economic status, could NOT overcome your mindset. Your personal beliefs about what works for you – dieting OR exercise, decides your success in advance. Get-it?

• 13. They tested beliefs as the decision-maker for weight-loss in Korea, Canada, France & the U.S. Same results. Your mindset (beliefs) cancels out whatever goes against your confirmed thinking.

• 14. Eat fattening Chocolates and sweet desserts, and believe exercise burns it off, and it will. The U.S. government calls it the Placebo Effect.

• 15. Placebo: (Latin: I will-please you). Eat more fattening stuff, but believe exercise cures all because your doctor said so, and it becomes a reality for your mind-body connection. Sounds stupid?

• 16. Your body acts as a joint-venture with your mind. Sure, drugs help, but your body heals and repairs.

• 17. Drug companies must show the FDA their product works better than a Placebo (sugar pill or injection of water), which works 30-50% of the time.

• 18. Take this belief principle of your mind, and apply it to test-taking, acing a job-interview, or winning the mate of your dreams. Secret: target your beliefs as well as your behaviors, knowledge, and personality.

• 19. Step one: close your eyes and take a total of four diaphragmatic breaths. It takes only four-minutes to ACE your goals. Call it Belief-Power. Exhale the sound, Hum-m, four times for each of your four breaths.

• 20. Step two: aloud or mentally, repeat this eight-word affirmation,
“Why is everthing always working out for me?
Repeat it eight-times – takes 90 seconds.

• 21. Step three: Daydream, (imagine) & remember a historical (past) “success”. Large or small success does not matter. It has to make you smile and feel good just thinking of it.

• 22. Now Switch your mindset, from the past to Acing the exam, getting hired at the interview, or winning a promotion. Get this please: see and feel the positive OUTCOME you desire.

• 23. Keep that happy mental image because it is contagious and causes others to be influenced by your
“beliefs” and feelings. Your beliefs persuade YOU, and others. It brings out the best in you.

• 24. Step four: if you can maintain a S-M-I-L-E on your face for just “17” seconds, you double your positive behaviors & successful actions.
Endwords: your mindset (attitude) and beliefs influence, persuade and convince YOU and people around you. You might be greatly rewarded in school and career.
“Tap-in, Turn-on, and Tune-in” to your beliefs and feelings.
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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