“How do You React to Change at Home, At-Work, & in People?” (For me, it sucks.)
• 1. Me: “How do we decide to pay attention or mentally SNOOZE when someone is talking?”

• 2. You: “Uh, I don’t know and I don’t care. Why should I?”

• 3. Me: “If you don’t get it, you’re leaving money on the table. No Fortune-Cookie advice, but EMOTION always trumps reason. I got baby-easy strategies to boost your winning the Influence game.”

• 4. You: “What ‘influence-game’, why the heck should I listen to you?”

• 5. Me: “You and I, everyone including babies, are ‘influencing, persuading and trying to convince’ others, 24/7.
Even in our dreams, we want to win the argument.”

• 6. You: “And you have something SCIENTIFIC, not opinion? And you aint trying to sell me anything?”

• 7. Me: “My background is law, would I lie to you, your Honor? The answer is No. Yes or no, you want to hear?”

• 8. You: “Ok, start off by telling me how we ‘influence & persuade’, I am in marketing, advertising & sales.”

• 9. Me: “You make up your mind within 10-seconds about folks, and so do I. Three rules kick in:

• One: Their LOOKS. Two: the way they SOUND. Three: does she/he Act the part of an expert? More: “Is this bum Straight with me, or going to turn into a TV commercial?

• Don’t laugh, does she/she have my best interests at heart? All this takes 10-seconds for your subconscious to search your memory for relevancy, get it?”

• 10. You: “Sounds familiar, so what?, who cares? WIIFM? (What’s In It For Me?)”

• 11. Me “Everybody else makes up their mind about YOU in 10-seconds.. We want you to win more encounters instead of being a ‘victim’. The more you KNOW, the more you win the game of Influence & Persuasion.”

• 12. You: “I don’t know if I believe you, who backs you up?”

• 13. Me: “Ten years of scientific research by professors at Michigan State University. See Hans Schroder, Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience journal, 2013.”

• 14. You: “Gimme their take-away, to judge their relevancy to my concerns.”

• 15. Me: “You hate Change. You hate ‘newness’. When the rules change, we go a lot crazy. We make a lot of mistakes when we have to learn & remember NEW.

• Want simple, fast strategies? Be the Go-To-Guy for innovation to implement how to get people to accept ‘newness’?”

• 16. You: “OK, you got my attention and interest, what-now?”

• 17. Me: “Do we agree: when CHANGE is required for humans, (rule-changes), it’s a big-deal. Fact: change sends both left-and-right brain into a defensiveness Storm. We feel like we’re are being attacked.”

• You: “Sure, we go into DENIAL, and our emotions take over. I know from personal experience that our Thinking doesn’t use reason, and chronic stress rules, right?”

• 18. Me: “The first thing to go is memory, and then analysis. Why? You brain has to suppress doing things the old way, and trigger only the NEW system.

• Example: make-believe you are driving in England. Your ‘synaptic-connections in your neural-networks’
are experienced in driving on the RIGHT, and sitting
on the left. Now reverse it.”

• 19. You: “What a Pain-in-The-Fundament. Blows my mind to even think of it.”

• 20. Me: “It’s CONFLICT in your hard-wiring, right? Your brain responds by making three-mistakes for each correct behavior. It keeps repeating mentally, “Let’s go back to the OLD way.”

• The research shows our brain was Not learning from its mistakes. Why? Resistance to change, defensiveness, & fear. The right-brain patterns are locked into the old, comfortable way.”

• 21. You: “But this kind of change is rare, isn’t it?”

• 22. Me: “Your brain freaks-out every time you start something new. Example: we get it in SpeedReading101.org. Students have a Tough time suppressing the old, slow (snailing) way, for the new, speed reading & improved memory.

• 23. You: “You proved it. Now fix it.”

• 24. Me: “Sit down, close your eyes and do this. It’s easy, fast and you implement it in thirty-seconds.

• First step: Four diaphragmatic breaths. On exhaling, repeat aloud – “Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, & Hum-m”, after each of the 4-breaths. That’s 16 “Hum-ms, got it?”

• 25. You: “You showed this Diaphragmatic deep breathing before. I know it relaxes my mind-body connection. Next.”

• 26. Me: “Step 2. Create a mental visualization in your mind’s eye of doing it the new, easy way. Ex. In Speedreading101, use your dominant index finger to underline the words of each sentence as you mentally read. You are prepping yourself to accept the change.”

• That’s the new way to counteract the old way of reading one-word at a time. We want you to learn to use a Pointer-Pacer to underline the words you read.”

• 27. You: “How does that help?”

• 28. Me: “Your right-brain will follow this underlining Pattern, and make it a habit in its own Neural Network. In a few days of 3-minutes of daily practice, it goes on auto-pilot.

• Now your brain forgets the old rules of reading, and follows the new pattern of underlining. Get it?”

• 30. Me: One last piece. You must keep a SMILE (teeth & eyes) during the mental-movies exercises. It instructs your right-brain to follow your new, happy rules. Ok?”

• Take-away. To avoid chronic stress, frustration, & anxiety, prep yourself for change. Change causes discomfort At-Work, at-Home, & at-school. In one-minute, you recover your comfort-zone.

• See ya, copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler
• P.S. “The faster you learn, the more you EARN.”
• And, “You SNOOZE, you lose.”

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