Although love life connections seldom offer pure romantic fantasy, they do offer fantastic opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth, inevitably drawing to the surface anything but bliss and your romantic expectations.

Almost everyone wants to be in love and be loved, but unfortunately, the soul mate concept is greatly misunderstood.

In the early stages of a relationship, you may find yourself wondering if you have finally found that cherished connection, your soul mate. Later, if things don’t go as planned, you may say, “What was I thinking?” Regrettably, this seems to happen to everyone, even repeatedly for many people, chiefly due to myths about soul mates and the illusions of love ingrained in the mind from early on.

Our findings show that you have many different kinds of soul mates; some are for more practical purposes, some are very challenging to help accelerate your spiritual growth, and fewer are mainly related to romantic reward.

Here’s how to know if you’ve met one of your more agreeable ones, or even the most rewarding of your life (one of the more pleasing qualities of the concept of fate), and if you’re ready for this type of relationship:

1. You’ve both sincerely sought self-understanding and to make the most of your life. You understand that the less you know yourself, the more you see the world as you are instead of how it really is. You take responsibility for your life and everything in it, and avoid blame and victim consciousness. You know that expecting someone to be your everything is unfair and immature, thus you truly respect your partner for who they are and avoid trying to change them.

2. You’re both at a place in your life where you’re comfortable with your time alone, not desperate to find a partner. You realize that nobody is going to save you but yourself, and you refuse to put that kind of pressure on anyone. Along with knowing the qualities you require your partner to possess, you are perfectly clear about what you are offering as well, and in relation to what you expect of your significant other, it’s fair.

3. Thankfully, your timing is right; both of you accept that there are times in life for everything, as symbolized through comprehensive astrology and numerology, and some phases are just not conducive to romantic relationships.

4. Compatibility is great between you. You recognize that the harder you have to work to make a relationship pleasant, the worse the overall compatibility. While you acknowledge that compatibility is somewhat based on what you make of it, after years of dating experience, you recognize that compatibility is much more something two people naturally have between themselves. It can’t be manipulated, it just is. Please see more information about this phenomenon here:

5. You both accept that true love is unconditional love. You both strive to limit conditional love demands, such as “I certainly hope she does this, because if she loved me she would...” A good measure of how much your relationship is based on unconditional love is if you forget about Valentine’s Day (or better yet, boycott it), for example, and your partner thinks nothing of it because he or she knows that your love is much deeper and much more unconditional than a commercial, contrived romantic holiday. The more you get caught up in romantic expectations, the more likely you are going to misunderstand the true essence of a romantic soul mate connection: love without attachments and demands.

A rewarding love relationship may be elusive to many, but once you find one of your superior soul mate connections, you probably won’t be fraught with indecision whether or not he or she is right for you.

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