Apart from the minor battery issues of iPhone, a swollen battery of your iPhone is the most dangerous one. Swelling of a battery generally takes place because of out-gassing. This happens mainly when the battery is overcharged, damaged, or becomes old. Due to these reasons, a chemical reaction takes place that damages the battery. The battery casing is made in such a way that it is capable of holding that nasty gas. But, it unavoidably bloats up.

How To Identify A Swollen iPhone Battery?

A swollen battery is as clear as hazy white screen, because of the pressure on the display. You can also experience a separation between the screen and the phone body. Besides, you can detect a swollen battery by smelling your battery, and if it smells like something burnt, then it is a clear indication that your iPhone battery is swollen. However, while smelling the battery, you must keep your phone at a distance, as the toxic fumes are hazardous to your health. 

Caution: A swollen battery can catch fire easily. Hence, you need to opt for a battery replacement for your iPhone immediately. Put your phone in a fireproof container and take it to professional centres that provides iPhone and iPad repairs in Adelaide

Precautions You Need To Take Before Replacing Your Battery

If you are planning to replace your swollen battery, then there are few things that you need to follow to ensure safety before repairing/replacing it. 

  • Let the battery drain to as low as zero percent
  • Do not expose it to abovementioned fumes
  • Wear protective glasses to avoid skin contact with the chemicals inside your battery
  • Do not expose the swollen battery to water 

Process To Remove A Swollen Battery From Your iPhone 

After taking the safety precautions, you can start removing the battery in the following ways:

  • Use adhesive remover or high-concentration isopropyl alcohol for removing the battery
  • Use dull plastic equipment to avoid puncturing the battery, as puncturing the battery to will lead to the release of toxins
  • After removing the battery dispose it safely and opt for a battery replacement from a service centre that provides iPhone battery replacement in Adelaide

 Prevent Another Battery From Getting Swollen

After replacing your battery with a new one, you need to follow some effective tips to prevent your new battery getting swollen.

  • Make sure to drain the new iPhone battery slowly
  • Do not overcharge your new battery, as this will lessen the stress and keep your away phone from heating
  • Avoid charging in short intervals
  • Prevent dropping your phone

Final Words!

Thus, these were the ways you can identify whether your iPhone battery is swollen. Moreover, the above-discussion also shows you the ways to remove the swollen battery safely and get rid of it in a proper way. Furthermore, the discussions also provide some important tips to prevent your new iPhone battery from getting swollen. Hence, if your iPhone battery is swollen, it is recommended to opt for iPhone battery replacement from a certified and highly-experienced iPhone repair centre. 

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