If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. In fact, if you love what you do, your passions will work for you. But, passion is very disloyal; it will work for anyone, if beckoned, to create wealth. The key word is work. “Passion will translate to wealth, they are close relatives, as long as you perform these three steps: indulge in your passions, protect your passions, and share your passion,'' notes Ashley Miller, a famous TOK essay writer specializing on mind and health topics.

Kobe Bryant, world class basketball legend, surely awakes with a few simple realizations: he has hundreds of millions of dollars, a well lived life, and purpose. Wealth. Not solely money, but personal indulgence. Wealth cannot be simply quantified by money; but by one’s sense of realized purpose. Wealth is based upon our passion. As mentioned earlier, passion will work for anyone, but we must first indulge within it to unlock its ability to translate to wealth. Sweat stained hours of basketball practice. Brain pummeling hours of software tinkering. Painful years of song creation. Three jump-shooting, computer-clicking, melody mashing hobbies worth millions in dollars and countless quantities in wealth if adequately enacted. Putting yourself in your work is the point. Being a reflection of the things you love is the core of wealth; making passion punch the clock everyday unlocks its ability to be so much more.

The second stage of transforming passion into wealth is protecting your investment. When Jesus was born, he did so with a price upon his head. King Herod, the Judean ruler of the time, desired the child’s death. Knowing of Jesus’ purpose, God warned his parents, Joseph and Mary, to leave Bethlehem, the place of is birth, to disallow harm to come to him; protecting the investment of mercy put up for all future generations. This is a further characterization of wealth: evidenced protection of passion. In order to translate passion to wealth, you must disallow it to be tainted with negativity. If you neglect to do so, passion will leave, stepping in will be his twin brother, disappointment.

There are two hypothetical options: A freight train or a street car. A freight train won't stop until it reaches its next destination; a street car must stop at every red light that is presented to it along the way. We all must make that choice, but with it we decide whether passion is along for the ride and if that ride is in the direction of success or personal poverty. Often it is true when they say that you must pay to play. But, no matter the price, you must continue on anyway; doing so will cause your passion to realize its worth and become worthwhile. Think: would Rockefeller have been so wealthy if he were inclined to pack up shop every time someone told his passion no?

In life, sharing is caring. To share your heart, the place where your passion lives, with another person, makes you wealthier. Adamant. Fearless. Here’s why: sharing passion is flat out hard. As previously mentioned, you must protect it. But, that also includes from yourself and your fear in being rejected or denied. Sharing what you love gives passion room to breathe. And in that breath is wealth because you have elevated those around you. As mentioned above, wealth cannot be solely quantified by monetary riches, but by self-purpose and self-worth. So, by pouring out, you poor in. Giving others all you have is like planting a seed. We plant it and anticipate its growth, fulfilled with every inch of green that stretches from the soil. We all want to be recognized for our passions. We all want others to share in the joy our passions bring us. So, we all want to be wealthy. It’s not greed, but personal fulfillment; whether that’s on the court, on a dance floor, or a science laboratory.

If we all actually indulged, protected, and shared our dreams, the banks of the world would go out of business. Passion is the core of anyone’s wealth. As disloyal a friend it is, it'll always be there when called upon. We are all wealthy in our own way. It is how much we realize it that affects our bottom line.

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