“How you can tell if a man likes you?” Many girls and women sit up late at night and ponder this very same question. On the first date, it’s not something that you want to ask. Still you can’t help but be curious because you like him, and you really want to know if there is going to be a next date.

While a man may not got out of his way to tell you how he feels, he will definitely give you signs.

3 Signs That Will Guide You through the Process of Deciding if He Likes You

Private Space

Another way of saying private space is personal space. Everybody has their private space, and it’s a unique space which is for only one person and the rare invitees. A private or personal space is that small area around a person’s body that sort of stands like a “no fly” zone – very few people can approach and even fewer will be allowed to land.

When you’re with him and he doesn’t move away from you when you lean in or step close, you have permission to enter the zone. If his leg is bouncing against yours at the movie theater, you can also prepare for a safe landing. The light tapping of the shoulders mean the same thing. Anytime a man allows you in side of his private space, he likes you.

The Silent Language Spoken By the Body

If your friend is standing really close to you and being quite flirty, he is definitely enamored of you. Look at his eyes, do they grow bigger and brighter when you walk into a room? Does a small smile cover his face at each and every sight of you?

When you approach him, does he try to make himself seem taller and suddenly seem compelled to readjust his clothing? He wants to look his best for you simply because he likes you. Many times body language is how you can tell a man likes you.

The Hand Test

How can you quickly tell if a man likes you? There is a very simple way to tell this. It’s the hand test. Touch his hand on purpose or you can pretend it was an accident. If he enjoys the contact and displays this with a smile or an action or words that lead to extended contact, then the man is fond of you. Often when a guy likes a girl, when she hands him something or offers her hand, he will hold it for a bit longer than necessary. It’s his way of telling you he cares.

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