Users of plastic reservoir tanks have the opportunity of saving a lot of time, money and stress if they implement pre-use inspection procedures. Polythene water tanks are usually very sturdy, but they do sometimes develop leaks from a rough working environment and harsh weather. Because the plastic containers are expensive, it is cheaper to repair them than replace them. A short visual inspection is necessary before filing the tank could work as well. Small maintenance issues should be corrected before they turn into significant problems. Professional plastic tank inspectors and repairing expertssuggest the following procedure. If there are problems which can be repaired at home, follow these simple steps to get a commendable result.

  • Step 1: In case of any major or minor repair work, the tank needs to be drained entirely beforehand. If you are unable to empty the container thoroughly, tap to the level just below the crack before starting the repair process.
  • Step 2: The area of the tank that needs to be fixed should be cleaned with soap and water. The surface of the tank must be free from any pollutants such as oil, grime, paint, algae, or mould.
  • Step 3: Drilling a hole at both ends of the crack must be done with a thin drill bit. This is done in order to prevent the break from expanding on either side.
  • Step 4: The area to be repaired must be preheated with an external heat source such as a heat gun or a propane torch. When the heating the repair area, a more substantial area must be heated to ensure the equal distribution of heat throughout the surface so that the plastic does not melt.
  • Step 5: The filler material must be added next. This could be a strip of polyethene filler material that is placed on top of the crack. It is then heated with the blow torch so that the filler material melts and fills up the break. The rest of the content is then smoothened out with a putty knife, and the excess is trimmed.
  • Step 6: After the repair is done and left to cool and settle, the tank must be thoroughly checked. The water tank must be refilled and then rechecked for leaks. If smaller holes still appear, the previous process should be repeated. 

Plastic tank repairs are considerably easy to perform, and they don’t cost much. However, it will be in your interest to call professional agencies that perform high-grade poly tank repair to eliminate cracks and dents on your plastic tanks. However, it will be in your interest to get quotes from as many agencies as possible as well as thorough internet research to find out the agency that will do it most efficiently. You can also invest in a new tank, but if the repair work is manageable, you should opt for that. Professionals who perform poly tank repairs in Sunshine Coast are able to take care of all major and minor repairing works to give your tank a new life. 

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