It's amazing how much damage we do to our skin simply by the way we handle it. Here are a few simple small steps to take that reap big benefits in your quest for ageless achievement.

1. Learn to keep your hands off your face, unless you're applying skin care products or doing facial exercises. Too often people pull and stretch their skin with their hands. Before age 25-30, we have excellent elasticity and the skin pops back into position. However, as we mature, we loose a lot of that elasticity, and when you stretch your skin, it takes longer and longer for it to return to it's original position. The more you stretch your skin, the more prone it is to wrinkles.

2. Learn to tense your facial muscles before applying products. This will keep the skin taut naturally, and prevent unnecessary stretching. Remember that you are applying your products to your skin....not into your skin. Learn to pat and press, rather than rub. Whenever you move skin, without moving the muscle under that skin, you're stretching it. As I mentioned above, but it's worth repeating, by age 30 skin elasticity is starting to diminish, and you loose more and more as time marches on.

3. NEVER RUB THE EYE AREA. The worst habit that creates the most damage around the eye is the habit of rubbing out under the eye. I see people on television doing this all the time. They will be covering a story or incident and a person will be crying – always rubbing away the tears from the inside out. I know the person is upset, but it's so damaging. It we would only get into the habit” of blotting our tears, we would prevent a lot of damage. This skin is the most fragile on your face. When you rub out you're going against the natural movement of the eye muscle. The eye muscle moves in (toward the nose) under the eye. When you rub against the direction of the muscle movement, not only do you breakdown this tiny muscle, but you stretch the fragile skin. In doing this you're encouraging wrinkles, and under eye bags.

4. Quick fix for eyes that itch. Take a moistened cotton swab and run it gently in the corner of your eye, right next to your nose. Make sure that it's moist, even if
you have to stick it in your mouth. Otherwise you may find you have cotton fibers in your eyes. You will be amazed at how quickly your itching has subsided without ever rubbing the entire eye. If you don't have a cotton swab available, you can also use a moist wash cloth, but it will cover more area so you have to be careful with this. Still itching? Take a moist wash cloth and run it back and forth on your top lashes. Obviously you can't do this if you have on mascara or other eye makeup. If you're prone to itchy eyes, carry some good eye drops with you.

5. Excessive sun exposure is considered the #1 cause for wrinkles, general skin damage and premature aging of your face. However, do you know that sleeping on your face is the #2 cause for aging? Sufficient sleep is the most valuable habit you can acquire to prevent wrinkles, improve skin tone, clarity and a youthful appearance. However, if you're sleeping on your face, you're actually aging your face, every time you sleep! Have you ever thought of this? Sleep wrinkles, referred to by dermatologists as contact, or compression wrinkles, are created when the weight of your head rests on the side of your face. In doing this, you not only breakdown the tiny facial muscles,making them more prone to gravity's pull, but you stretch and pull your skin every time you move. You literally press wrinkles into your skin. Read what renowned dermatologist, Dr. Nissan Pilest (Total Dermatology) has to say about this at

6. Exfoliation is critical to improve skin clarity, and reduce wrinkles. Look for a gentle exfoliator. One very inexpensive and gentle exfoliator that I like is baking soda. Pour about a teaspoon in your hand, drip a bit of water into it, mix and gently apply. Tighten your facial muscles to prevent unnecessary skin movement. This works even if it looks like it has dissolved into nothingness. Then take a wet wash cloth, go over the face gently and rinse with cool/cold water. Your skin will feel fabulously clean, look bright, clear and youthful. I follow with my favorite homemade astringent, (Distilled water and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar) (about 60-40) and a moisturizer/sun screen of at least SPF 15. How often you exfoliate will depend on your skin. Start off slowly doing it every few days at first to see how your skin will react.

7. A great facial masque is an egg white. It dries fast, and is pure protein, so it not only tightens your skin, but nourishes it. Keep it in a small container in the
refrigerator. No need to beat it. Lean over the sink and use your fingers to apply it. You will find that if you go over your face several times with it, you will get a tighter masque. Unlike most masques,this is gentle enough to use all around the eyes, even on the eye lid. If possible lie down while it's drying – takes about 10 minutes, If you can't manage this – then at least hold your head back for a short time, so the skin is being pulled back toward your hairline while it's drying. Better than being pulled down by gravity. Since it's so natural, you can leave it on your face as long as is comfortable after it has dried.

I hope you have found these suggestions helpful. If you're dedicated, you will be amazed at the improvement you will see in a very short time – even in a week or two.

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Fawn O’Connor is an award winning author,and designer/creator of the Face-Saver Pillow - the original anti-aging pillow.

Fawn launched Ageless Achievement,( in January 2000, and introduced her Face-Saver Pillow, which you can learn about at ( As an exemplary example, she has inspired many to realize that not only can you enjoy ageless achievement, but you can also discover that achievement is ageless.

Her first book, “SLEEP – THE ULTIMATE SECRET TO AGELESS ACHIEVEMENT” has been applauded for its simple and realistic approach to solving the problems of sleep deprivation, which affects over 60% of adults in the U.S. This timeless book of valuable information is now available in an e-Book, as well as Kindle & Nook, which won the 2011 Global e-Book award in the health, beauty and fitness category.

Earning a MN (Masters of Nutrition) from Bernadean University of Health Sciences, she has updated her credentials as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) at the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in Encinitas, CA.

Fawn studied kinesiology at CSUF, skin care and makeup artistry through John Robert Powers, Elizabeth Arden and Spa Formula Cosmetics; was owner/director of Majestic Studios, teaching body toning, facial exercise, nutrition and skin care, and taught the Total Beauty Classes for the Jack LaLanne health club chain. More recently she has conducted “Facial Fitness” & “Becoming Ageless” workshops for private health clubs, businesses and organizations. These fun, informative and inspiring workshops will be available through her online webinar/webcast series later this year. You will be able to enjoy and learn from the comfort of your home, even doing some of the procedures and exercises during the series.

Fawn is a popular radio talk show guest, has appeared on ABC Eyewitness News, and cable television shows. She is currently working on her new book which will address the benefits of using your incredible mind to achieve any goal.

Fawn has been a lifetime member of the National Health Federation since 1978. She holds CT and QS certifications with Toastmasters International.

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