Popular artists in their own lifetime were not guaranteed to be considered as one by their contemporaries. Thus, it does not automatically follow that if a piece of work, previously considered as a work of art, will be considered as one in the future. It is in the same context that some artists and their art pieces did not gain recognition and popularity the way they are reaping it now.

Who would ever believe that famous painter Vincent van Gogh, who was known for his paintings with vivid colors and emotional impact, relied on his brother Theo, for paints and canvass materials yet now, his paintings cost a fortune, set record prices in auctions and became a household name for the rich and famous? He became famouse after his death is highly regarded as one of historys greatest contributor to the richness of modern art.

Eadweard Muybridge, one of the earliest and one of the most popular photographers of his time in the entire world, became popular after capturing a series of snapshots from multiple cameras, of a galloping horse, thus ended the controversy and arrived at a conclusion that all four of the horses hooves leave the ground when galloping. His technique later became an inspiration to some of the earliest filmmakers including Walt Disney.

Mona Lisa, the sixteenth-century old famous painting of equally famous painter Leonardo da Vinci, whose enigmatic smile captured the entire world, never fails to mesmerize the viewer from all walks of life. It is believed by art critics and enthusiasts that da Vinci painted the most famous portrait of all time.

What did the three famous artists have in common? What made their art pieces stand-out from among the many art works of their time? Why is it that up until now, their artwork was preserved for our generations and future generations to see and appreciate?

All of them utilized frames to bring out the best in their masterpieces. Without the framing technology, most of the products of their ingenuity, skills and labor would have been wasted and would have never been around for us to marvel upon that such creations existed and such extraordinary talented people lived to tell a story.

The advent of the 20th century not only bring numerous framing technologies at its peak but also the number of ways where frames are used also widened. Now, more advertising companies use frames to make their advertisement materials, such as still pictures of celebrity endorsers, more durable and lasting such as those that are found in malls and other strategic locations for marketing. It can either be for marketing or preservation of a history, the framing technology indeed has embedded it way to our modern living.

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