A newborn baby enters the lives of parents and lights it all up. The little one asks for attention all the time. It is crucial to Play With Newborns as it helps develop their cognitive abilities.

All newborn babies want is to eat or sleep. While the baby sleeps most of the time, the parents wish to play with this little baby. The problem is how to play with a newborn?

Well, we know that newborns usually sleep for around 14-16 hours a day. They wake up when they’re hungry, or something’s bothering them. Your parents should keep track of the time the baby stays awake. That’s the golden time you can spend playing with your newborn child.

If you’re wondering how you can play with your newborn, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered all the best ways you can play with a newborn baby.

Several ways to Play with Newborns
playing withNewborns baby
Here are some fascinating ways you can play with your newborn

Make funny faces and eye contact
One of the best ways to play with your newborn is to make funny faces. As soon as the baby sees you happy and smiling, they’ll smile automatically. You must’ve seen plenty of videos online of babies laughing at funny faces. So try making funny faces with your baby and see them smile.

Making eye contact will allow them to recognize you better. They will feel a deep connection with you over time. Eye contact plus a smile on your face can help a newborn feel relaxed and calm.

Face to face play
Other ways of face to face play is sticking out your tongue, rolling eyes, and laughing.

Babies can sense the mischief on your face, and that’s what makes them giggle and smile. Rest assured, your newborn loves seeing your face.

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