Every bride and groom wishes their wedding event a day to be remembered, not just by the married couple, but by everybody who went to witness a very special occasion. Unlike what many would-be couples believe, having a wedding event unforgettable needn't really mean shelling out plenty of of dollars for an pricey wedding gown, expensive giveaways, fancy decorations, exotic food, and the works.

So how could you make your big day a truly unforgettable one without breaking the bank? Below are some inexpensive ways to having a momentous wedding occasion:

1.Use your mother's or your grandma's classic bridal gown.

In case the dress is now a little bit discoloured, bring it to the nearest laundry shop for a dry clean and it will be good as new. With your mother's or grandmother's wedding dress will mean saving a significant amount of money that otherwise would have been used on a costly new wedding dress.

2. Make your own wedding favours.

Wedding souvenirs needn't be expensive. There are a lot of websites where you can find concepts for a wedding souvenir that will fit your theme and most importantly your budget. Besides, do-it-yourself wedding favors are just more special since they express your truthfulness and creativity.

You may have to spend a little on the materials but to be able to spend less, you can purchase them wholesale through online websites too.

3.Minimize your guests to just close friends and family.

Limiting your guests doesn't only make your special occasion more intimate, however it will also mean big savings for you since you catering for several people will certainly consume a big portion of your budget.

4.Think about having a destination wedding.

Destination weddings have become popular over the years. Your marriage will not only seem like a mini-vacation for friends and family, however a wedding away from home is a much cheaper option rather than a church wedding. Having a destination wedding will even save you from having to invite acquaintances to your big day.

5.Have the right wedding celebrant perform the ceremony.

A wedding celebrant is the perfect person to perform your destination wedding ceremony. Find the best Redcliffe wedding celebrant, one gifted with words, versatility, and individualism to make the ceremony a lot more meaningful.

These are merely a few of the countless tips that will help you save on your big day. Put on your thinking cap, get creative, and you will certainly have a wedding worth remembering.

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Jhazmine Smith, adores everything about weddings, which is why she writes for the best Redcliffe wedding celebrant